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Posted by kiki on January 11, 2000 at 21:23:35:

In Reply to: Re: facial swelling posted by Mike Bates on November 27, 1999 at 02:41:27:

: : : : My husband has been experiencing eye puffiness and also a tingling sensation in his upper lip which will lead to a swelling in the lip. The swelling generally occurs while sleeping and is somewhat relieved in the day. Does this sound like allergy? We can't pinpoint any changes in our environment or eating habits. This occurs at random any time of the year.

: : : I've had the exact same problem myself. Sorry I can't be much help because I haven't gotten an answer either. It can occur twice in one week or it may not happen for months. I've been told it's allergies but the last time my face swelled up I got a shot of cortisone, epinephrine,and took benadryl and predisone and it still took a day for it to go away. Like your husband, I have been unable to pinpoint any food allergy or environmental cause. Please let me know if you get any relief for your husband's facial swelling.
: : : Thanks

: : I have been swelling up like that for 20 years. The large hives are called urticaria, and when your face swells up its called angioedema. I received some good info from the internet when I searched for urticaria - I tried an elimination diet and found allergies to citrus fruit and nuts - but it takes 36 hours for a reaction for me. I've been allergy skin tested twice (20 & 10 years ago) and nothing showed on the tests. I'm still allergic to something else I haven't found yet, but with taking a daily antihistamine, have a very reduced incidence of swelling.

: I've experienced lip swelling suddenly. My diet is very regular and mainly fresh, home-prepared foods.
: I've eaten nothing unusual, nothing I haven't eaten for years. I recently started using a herbal-based lip balm,
: and after the first and second attack of swelling, I stopped using it, and yet I've had incidences after that.
: Can a person suddenly become allergic to something he/she has eaten for decades?
: What type, exactly, of antihistamine are you taking to control your swelling, and is over the counter, or by prescription?

i have the very same mysterious swelling, only along with my lips, my tongue swells up like a balloon. have no idea what from. doctor gave me solumedrol and epinephrine this morning. i could hardly swallow. he told me an allergy testing would probably not show anything. he gave me a box of benydrl samples to take. also, my hand swelled up bad last week, all the way to my forearm. had to take prednisone for that one. this is indeed wierd. anyone find out anything???

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