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Posted by Harry on January 13, 2000 at 02:03:27:

In Reply to: Severe gastro attacks...why? Please help! posted by Jenna on January 12, 2000 at 15:09:35:

: Hello...I just found this website and am not sure if I'm in the right category or not, but I'm wondering if
: anyone knows of anyone else who might have a similar condition. My dad has some sort of food allergy
: or food intolerance...we're not sure what it is and neither are his doctors. For the past six or seven years,
: he has had periodic attacks where he wakes up in the middle of with severe stomach cramps,
: passes out, then either vomits or has severe diarrhea. Afterwards he is completely wiped out.
: It happens very sporadically, and it appears to happen after eating certain types of foods, but we don't
: know until it happens. He's had this happen with cayenne pepper, Chinese food, Fritos, once or twice
: with hamburgers, and sometimes we just don't know. It's happened at home, in restaurants (very scary
: and embarrassing for him) and when he's been away on vacation. We never know when it is going to
: happen and these attacks have become more and more frequent. He's very nervous about eating
: anywhere but at home. He's had allergy tests, but has not been diagnosed with any food allergies at all.
: His doctors have told him to avoid eating those foods, but that really doesn't help much since we
: never know what foods will trigger attacks. No one seems to be able to diagnose him. He's been
: to an allergist, a gastroenterologist, and his regular physician. It's really scary for both him and for
: us, his family, so we are seeking help. If anyone knows of ANYONE at all who has experienced
: anything remotely like this, please post! Thank you so much for any help!

Hi Jenna,
I know you must be one frustrated family.But,I think Mark is right.Your Dad is probably not having allergic or intolerance problems to food because if he did it would happen almost all the time with the same food.It sounds like a food persevative problem combined with food. I have heard of people eating from a salad bar and passing out within 30 mins. The best way to find out is do a rotational diet over a long period of time. It took me 4 months off and on to find my problems. I would have severe headaches on the left side of my face mostly around my eye.I thought it was my sinuses and was treat for years by several Doctor for sinus problems. I happen to go an Environmental Doc that tested for all sort of things and said I was not alleric to anything. He said, I was like testing a ROCK---No reaction. He suggested that I try a food Challenge Test he called THE STONE AGE DIET. Basically you go several days eating certain food then -- you eat one food item every 4 hours and you record what you ate and any reaction.I was also given 4oz's of Potassium Bicar/ Calcium Carbonate(1:1).To be taken 1/4 teaspoon in 6oz's of water if I had and any bad reaction.I was given all the directions---typed. I found out I got bad headaches from sugar or anything with alot of sugar,soft drink, eggs, rye bread, certain wheat breads, chocolate and many different brands of chicken.We test about 12 different brands of chicken from all the stores in the city that sold chicken. KFC was fine and Tyson's boneless chicken breast was the worst.
After I started, I really got into it--- WE tested everything I ate.The doctor was Jewish and I test things I have never eaten and don't plan to eat again.But, I found out I really didn't have a sinus problem. The DOC told me of a case he had that a 22 year old female college student ate one piece of chicken and gained 12 pounds overnight and did not eat or drink anything during the night.He said it was the truth.She must have gain the water from the moisture in the air she breathed.
The point I wanted to make is you will probably have to find out your Dad's problem by yourself with some direction but very little help from your regular Doctor as you have already determined.It's not going to be easy but you can do it!!! God Bless----Harry

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