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Posted by C. Amsterdam on January 18, 2000 at 12:14:04:

In Reply to: CAN'T CATCH MY BREATH posted by Todd Hecht on January 08, 2000 at 00:19:51:

: I have an unusual problem...Last month I caught a cold and it was your typical cold...runny nose, watery eyes, excessive phlegm...I was finally getting over it when I decided to go out new years eve and drink wine....the nest morning I felt like I couldn't breath.
: I was trying to catch my breath with no luck. I thought maybe it was the sulfites in the wine..but it has lasted too long for that. Anway when I am not exercising or just sitting the episodes I get range from severe to moderate levels..My nose is always stuffed up and I am gasping to catch my breath..even after my lungs are breathing freely I feel like I am not getting enough air.It makes me anxoius..I finally went to the doctor and she said..the cold I had has probably turned into a lung infection or repiratory the doc gave me some inhalers and medicine. Then two days after that I had another attack of shortness in my breathing I took myself to the emergency room because i couldnt catch my breath for over an hour..they checked me out in the emergency room and said I had adequate oxygen levels and the chest x rays were negative..I was baffled..why do I get these attacks? i know it is not asthma..I had that before. This is a different feeling like i am breathing shallow and Im constantly sighing and i am tight and can't take a full breath ..sometimes when i am not tight it feels like I am struggling to take a breath. Am I the nose stuffiness causing my breathing to go out of whack. Is it allergy? or anxiety? Why am i fine one minute and in respiratory distress the next? I cant sleep at night beacuse my breathing feels uncomfortable. All I can say when I do catch my breath..I feel instant relief!
: I have experienced the exact same situations, w/the same resolution from the doctor. I am trying "the next step" right now, which is to determine any allergies. This is probably a good next step if you notice that these symptoms intensify w/exposure to things you are allergic too and/or the symptoms can be alleviated, even partially, by taking an over the counter allergy medication like Benadryl.

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