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Posted by Harry on January 28, 2000 at 00:44:02:

In Reply to: Re: Dust mite control posted by Harriette on January 27, 2000 at 03:14:50:

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: : : I have been reading that there is a kit available for determining the level of mite/dust concentration in a single room. Does anyone know of such a kit and where to get it? Also, these authors recommend using aracacides on the carpet to help kill mites and reduce the dust -- i.e. benzyl benzoate powder (leave on for 30 minutes before vacuuming) or 3% tannic acid solution and spray it on. I am wondering if either of these would leave a residue and cause further problems or if anyone has had success with this procedure. Do you have any further suggestions about where I would check on these items and their safety? Thanks.

: : Hi Harriette,

: : I donot know anything about the products or the methods you mentioned.I personally don't like putting more stuff on anything that can cause more polution in my home.How do you find out if it's killing the dust mites or not and to what extent?? OR, you could find out you or your family is allergic to the powder that you can't get all up by vacuuming.You might consider the following:
: : Dust mites live by eating the dead skin that our bodies constantly shed.The worse place is in your bed since you spend more time there than any single place in your home.How are you going to deal with those areas?
: : The best way I have found is to oxidize the skin using an ozone generator.It does in the food supply of the dust mites and they DIE. This sounded very logical to me so,I bought one and we use it. It also kills mold and mildew by oxidation. I have also found out we cannot use it all the time.Because,the ozone gives me a sore throat and dryes my eyes and my wife has asthma and it makes it worse. We treat the bedrooms one day at a time, the house with the air circulating and even the duct work when we are not home.Then we come home and vent the house.I even used it to treat our cars air conditioning system ---it had a musty smell.It works!!
: : This is the best way I've found in my 40 years of trying to get rid of dust mites. You can buy an ozone generator on the net and the prices/sizes vary so shop around. But, once you buy one--- it will last a life-time.
: : Good Luck----Harry
: Hi Harry: Thanks for the reply. That was my concern, i.e. residue and possibly further problems. Regarding the ozone generator, how do you know that works and besides aren't there some other side effects to too much ozone, etc.? Harriette

Hi Harriette,
Ozone is a powerful oxidizer and is used as a sanitizer or purify in many cities water systems to kill all types of bacteria, viruses, parisites and other toxins faster than cholrine.It is being used for all sorts of things around the world.
I think breathing Ozone should not be done even though Ozone Air Purifers are sold in most areas of the world and are used in homes.But,I also object to using clorox.As you know the lung are very sensitive to all types Things we breath.A Dr.Stephen A Levine cautions people about using air purifers that put out small amounts of ozone --because OZONE should not be inhaled.This come from a book:"Oxygen Healing Therapies" by Nathaniel Altman,1998 edition(cost $15).
As I said, I can't use the generator all the time.I use to get rid of dust mites-----and purification.Then I ventilate my home. I am sorry that I was not clearer in my other posting.I suggest you get a copy of the book its very interesting.I've read 3 others -I think this is the best!!
Ozone is natural and it readily disapates.It has been proven as a powerful oxidizer ---you just have to be careful.You also have to be careful with using all chemicals. I use clorox solution to wash the mildew from the outside of my house and it smells for a week.Do a search on the net and decide for yourself.
I have seen the same unit I have--used in Doctor's offices, clubs, resturants and several poeples homes.It also has an ionizer that make the dust drop out of the air and we run it all the time . God Bless---Harry

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