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Posted by °@@@ on February 01, 2000 at 23:30:58:

In Reply to: HELP...I'm going to get an allergie needle.... posted by Brooks on February 01, 2000 at 13:46:36:

: I just wanted to know the side effects of having an allergie shot!!! They told me that I had to stay at lest 30 minutes after! Now I'm so scared that I don't know what to do!!! Can anyone help! I'm affraid that I will go into shock.!!!
: Please please please please please please help help help!!!!

°@@@ Young lady, I've had these shots for years, the reason you have to stay for 30 minutes is to make sure you don't have an allergic reaction to the shots.
I've been to 3 different allergists, some only require you to stay 15 minutes, others 45 minutes. Its just to be on the safe side. In Very, Very rare cases some
people with many allergies have an allergic reaction to the shots. So now its a practise with most Doctors to have you wait just in case. They also start your
shots off with very low doses of your serum. Thats why you start off going to get your shots twice a week for x amount of weeks. Then later on, as they increase
the amount of serum and your body gets use to the doses, you only go once a week, then once every two weeks depending on how your doing with the shots and
if they help you. Im my case, I was tested three times (I had to switch health insurance and had to switch allergists because my plan didn't include my other allergists)
Some allergists do not like to take the testing done in other offices. I was tested for 130 (One Hundred Thirty) different pollens, molds, dander etc to see what I was allergic
to. They drew lines on my back and numbered them 1 to 130. Then they had 130 needles that they had dipped into all 130 different things to see if my skin swelled after
they scratched me with the needles. Noticed, they didn't Stick me too hard with the needles, they simply scratched me with them to get the liquid bearly under my skin.
A kitten scratched harder than the needles did. Then they measure the swelling and give them a number from 1 to 5 with 5 being the larger swellings. I was allergic to 129
out of the 130 with all of them between 4 and 5 ratings. So I was practically allergic to everything. (On a lighter note, I wasn't allergic to Cat Dander. My Gal had a cat that
I couldn't stand and thought this would be the perrrrrfect reason to get ride of the thing. Well My dogs now live outside......Im allergic to Dog Dander, The Cat rules the igloo.)
So My Doctors were concerned about me having an allergic reaction to the shots. I never did. I went through the shots for 5 years. Worked up to a once a month visit for 2 shots
each time. After 5 years of shots along with a perscription medication I stopped both and have been using a over the counter medicine instead. I have been having better luck
since switching. The shots didn't do a thing for me. I still felt the same. One morning I forgot to take my perscription medicine and stopped by a convience store and picked
up an over the counter allergy medicine since I was so stuffy. It worked better than the perscription stuff I was using. I've been on this medicine for about a year now and haven't
lost my sense of smell. (I was losing it twice a year and had to take prednisone to reduce the swelling and get my sense of smell back) Now IM not suggesting that you not go
through the shots. It takes time to see if the shots will work for you. They might and they don't hurt. If you stay lose and don't tense up, you don't even feel them but if lets say after
a year of having shots you don't feel better, I would suggest you talk with your allergists to see if there is any thing else you can do. I was lucky and found a medicine that works
for me and what the allergists is doing is trying to find what will best work for you. The shots could be the answer or maybe another type of allergy medicine. Read all you can
about allergies. Best of luck to you.°@@@BEAR

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