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Posted by Claire on February 07, 2000 at 13:26:25:

In Reply to: reaction to moisturizers posted by summer on February 07, 2000 at 12:31:35:

: OK, I think this is my last resort to get some good rec's for moisturizer. I never had bad skin, ever. Last year my chin broke out severly and I realized
: it was from Neutrogena Moisturizer. So, I switched a few months later and everything was ok. Then this
: past October, In a matter of 2 days, my entire face broke out in tiny zits. I came to the conclusion it was agian
: the moisturizer that I have been using for some time. Then, every time I tried a new one, the same thing
: happened. I would get tiny zits. I went to a dermatologist and did the allergy test. After $600.00 in Dr.s
: bills, his advice, "I just have sensetive skin" When I dont use moistuizer my skin is extremley dry so I need
: something. I tried every namebrand from Oil of Olay to 125.00 La Praire Skin care. I use Dermalogica
: which is ok but I still breakout. I am so burnt out on this subject I cant even explain. I know its something thats
: in these products causing a reaction, but I can not pinppoint it. I do the testing on a certain area of my face
: so I know its the moisturizer. Does anyone out there know of certain ingredients that
: can cause allergic reactions.
: thank you for your time.!

Hi Summer,

I have sensitive skin too and eczema. I finally found a moisturizer that doesn't bother my skin. I realized that I am allergic to fragrance and lanolin. I had tried Eucerin Dry-Skin Therapy, Original Moisturizing Lotion, and then my hands burned so bad after that. I read in a book that some people are allergic to lanolin and then I checked their ingredients and found it contains lanolin. So I'm not sure what you are allergic to but I will tell you the brand that I have tried and so far, it agrees with me. It is: Lubriderm Seriously Sensitive Lotion. It says it is 100% lanolin free, dye free, and fragrance free. If you try it, be sure you get the one that says for Seriously Sensitive Lotion, because they have other types that may still bother your skin. If you want to let me know how you're doing, you can e-mail me at [email protected] Good luck and take care!

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