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Posted by melanie on February 10, 2000 at 13:00:08:

In Reply to: Re: nickel sensitivity posted by Harry on February 09, 2000 at 02:54:09:

: : i experience a skin reaction to nickel. In 6 weeks i am having extensive orthopedic surgery that will require the use of stainless steel plates and screws. Has there been any research studies on whether the nickel in the stainless will affect the bone or any other internal tissue ? I am having an osteotomy on my right hip and femur and am concerned whether the nickel will react with the tissue at and around the joint.
: : Thank-you for considering my question
: : Melanie

: Hi Melanie,
: We all need nickel in trace amounts in our bodies.It's used for many functions including assisting aborption of other minerals like copper, zinc,and even iron. But,too much can be toxic and can cause inflammation such as skin irritation.As you may know there are basically 4 heavy metals that can cause toxicity that we readily come in contact with and can cause problems.These metals are lead, mercury, nickel and cadmium. The side effects have been well documented.There are also many other heavy metals that we don't come in much contact with and don't cause much problems to the average person.There are many foods that have small amounts of nickel --these include-oats, beans, cabbage, legumes and the list goes on.Some cookwear also has small amounts of nickel.If you have too much in your system it can be removed by chelation therapy.It can be tested by hair analysis.
: There are many types of stainless steels and some have more nickel than others.I don't think much nickel can leach out into your body with the type that is used.An interesting thing is that nickel, iron, and cobalt are the only magnetic metals. The harder steels contain more chromium.
: Everybody is different and if you are very very sensitive to nickel on contact then you may have a problem.I think you should question the Doctor but don't be surprised if he doesn't even know.He probably uses what-ever is supplied to him.My wife had a hip replacement using a thing that looked like a large spike.When I questioned the Dr., he did not know and was caught a little off guard by my questions.
: You just can't be too careful.Oh, The spike cost $10,000 and he thought it was about $4,000.
: Good Luck---Harry Huxford
Dear Harry:
Thank -you so much for your input. I never knew that much about nickel.
The reaction I get is not a severe one, just a localized rash and itchy. My surgeon is well aware of this problem . He admitted to not knowing and is going to research it for me. He has me to do some research myself so that's why I posted it here. He thought along the same lines as you did, that not much nickel would seep out into the surrounding tissue. But better to be safe than sorry !

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