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Re: sinus infection

Re: sinus infection

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Posted by Jeanna on December 22, 2000 at 09:33:06:

In Reply to: sinus infection posted by Krishna Rao on December 22, 2000 at 07:56:46:

Here are some suggestions that have been posted on this board from time to time:

1)I agree with the Olive Leaf Extract and the CS. I use a formulation of CS with Swedish Bitters and Tea Tree Oil - many have said it is the best sinus remedy thy ever used!

2)Here is another suggestion: Dissolve 1 capsule of Chlorocaps (Biotics) in a cup of warm purified water, add 20 drops of Liquid Iodine (Biotics) and irrigate the nasal and sinuses with this twice a day.

3] Ernie here is a home remedy that should cost next to nothing. In 1 cup of warm not hot water disolve 1 teaspoon os table salt. Now the hard part by either a straw or paper cup fill one nostrial with this solution till you feel it in your throat. Keep your head back and leave there for about a minute. Do tha same with the other nostrial. This will take some getting used to as your natural reaction will be to gag or spit it out. Do this 2 or 3 times a day till symptoms subside then 0nce or twice a week.
If the salt water solution deos not work try 4 drops of tea tree oil in 1 cup of warm water and follow the same directions. GOOD LUCK TIM

4] I had the same problem, went to healthfood store & bought oil of wild oregano. It clears my sinuses, & is supposed to kill bad bacteria which is normally very hard to get rid of. Oil drops go under the tongue, has a strong oregano taste & is "hot". I don't care for it very much, but it is way better than headaches & vertigo. If you persue this, ask a trusted store person for a good brand, as I've heard the cheapies may not be as effective. I think I payed 30 something at the health food store for mine.

5] Oil of oregano can cause significant gut irritation taken straight. Better to dilute it quite a bit in pure olive oil or other healthy oil and take it that way to prevent irritating senstive tissues. The oil of oregano is often helpful in yeast infections and there is some thinking in the medical community that many sinus infections may have a fungal component --ie a yeast infection breaks the ground and allows a secondary bacterial overgrowth. This is something that could be lab tested but is unlikely to be checked unless the MD is thinking that way.

6] I have seen patients do well with nasal irrigation using a "neti pot" which is a simple ceramic or plastic pot that allows you to rinse out the nose and sinuses, clearing out the gook where the infection lies. A soft rubber baby nose bulf syringe can work. Use pure (not tap) water and a little pure (not Morton's) sea salt to prevent irritation. There is a web page on this if you look.

7] However, in Feb. my son was diagnosed with a med problem and I turned to alt./magnetics. I started using them in March for myself and have not had one sinus infection since. I could breathe in and out of my nose like never b4. It took about three weeks to clear me up, but I have had tremendous results.

Krishna, please remember that information you find on the internet is a sharing of ideas. It is not medical advice. You must activate your own "internal truth detector" to decide what is truth for you. Best wishes to you. Jeanna.

: Hi,
: I am suffering from sinus problem from the past ten years. it was first detected ten years ago and at that time i had undergone a sinus surgery to remove it.
: i was feeling ok for some period of time but recently from the past six months i am having a running nose and also a yellowish thick discharge from my nose and throat every morning and i get up with a head ache. the yellowish discharge comes from my throat also whenever i spit. i also feel very drained of energy sometimes.
: recently i also started feeling dizzy and my it seems my head is spinning. it happened in the last week and about three months before this once.
: can you help me out of this situation as iam really suffering because of this
: Thanks and Regards,
: Krishna

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