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Posted by Dr. Marsha Alibrandi (Ed. D.) on October 21, 1999 at 13:51:27:

In Reply to: Aluminum link to Alzheimer's posted by Deb Bosle on August 15, 1998 at 15:11:58:

: Are you aware that most anti-perspirants use aluminum
: compounds such as aluminum zirconium in their products
: to "plug up" our sweat glands. Think about it...we are
: putting aluminum on the most porous part of our bodies
: (our underarms) on a daily basis. These aluminum compounds
: are directly absorbed by the skin & accumulate in the
: body tissues over time. This corresponds to the fact
: that aluminum has been found in high concentrations in
: Alzheimer's disease sufferers.
: Aluminum may be a causal factor in breast cancer also.
: It is a fact that women are urged not to use anti-perspirant
: for several days before a mammogram as it (aluminum) shows
: up on the x-ray. One nurse told me that you can actually
: see how far the aluminum has been absorbed on some women's
: mammograms. Coincidence???....I don't think so!
: There are safer deodorants that are aluminum-free out
: there! Check your Health food stores! I have found one
: that replaces aluminum with Australian Tea Tree Oil (an
: essential oil).
: Yours in good health,
: ~Deb~


I'm on a search to confirm the same hunch you raise to see if
there's been any definitive research in this area. The crime is
that the link between deadorants and anti-perspirants and
breast cancer would likely be suppressed by those who make
their fortunes this way (a la tobacco companies).
I dub our hunt for the truth "No Secret."
I've pointed others interested in this topic to another site that
mentions where (geographically) rates of breast cancer are higher.
There COULD be several reasons for these regions having higher
BC rates; better medical screening & reporting, higher rate of
food additives in the diet, higher stress, even climatic or
industrial pollution effects. But use of deodorants and anti-pers-
pirants as a cultural practice could also be a major factor.
I'm on the trail, but thanks for your message.

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