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Posted by TeeJay on January 14, 2000 at 07:57:16:

In Reply to: Re: Want More Info. posted by Carol on January 12, 2000 at 01:10:57:

I am one more person who deals with this tragic disease on a minute by minute basis. My husband, who is 75 years of age, was diagnosed with Alzheimers two years ago and put on Aricept. I believe that it helped delay some of the symptoms for awhile, but seems to do little now. I knew for 2 years before the diagnosis what was happening because his grandmother, mother, 3 uncles, and an aunt all suffered the same thing. (This is all in the same family)Of course, the memory loss is not the only symptom, but I think it is significant. I am 74 and forget a lot of things, but I know that I forget; Alzheimers patients forget and do not know they do.
Fortunately, he can still drive around our little town; he still controls bodily functions; his appetite is good; and most importantly he is still very loving and agreeable. He likes to 'go', even though he doesn't know he's 'been' when we return. I know that things will not always remain like this, so I try to enjoy our loving time together, and not get too vexed when I have to make all the decisions and carry them out. I firmly believe that faith in God will be the only stabilizing factor that will help me cope as this progresses.
I know this is not 'helpful' in finding resources to aid you, except to point you to God, our only personal resource for daily love and care.
God Bless you and yours.:
: : :
: : : : As I look for new messages daily, I am surprized that there are not more to view on this, and another site i have visited, Alzheimers has taken over a big part of my life since my mother has come to live with me, and our local support group, as well as the postings on the net really help me to feel I am not alone in this. It may be the misery loves company theory, but also the hope that somthing that worked for someone else to ease the burden on myself, or somthing has just been discovered to help those afflicted with this disease, that I just have to keep searching.
: : : : Does any one know of an additional web site that has more postings, or info than this one? I will keep visiting them all since my life has changed so drasitcaly to care for my mom.

: : : Pam, I can sympathize with you. I am trying to take care of my 84 year old mother. You would think there would be more info out there for people like us. Is your mother incontinent yet? If so, how do you handle it? Mine is, and that has caused a tremendous problem. I spend a fortune weekly for her disposable diapers and I have been trying to find out where I can purchase the washable kind. This might sound trivial to some people but it has been a BIG (and expensive) problem for us. What are some of your mother's symptoms? When was she diagnosed with Alzheimers? My mother has been diagnosed with dementia but I sometimes wonder if the diagnosis was the correct one.I know this does not answer your question but like you, I just need someone to talk to.

: :
: : I can empathize as my mom is in a home now with dementia, and our family dealt with all those
: : things before she had to be placed for her safety.
: : There is a lot of help out there, just start by looking into the local Respite Care and advocates
: : for the elderly in your community and/county. You can even be paid to be her primary care giver
: : by Social Security/SSI. My sister in law recieved pay to care for my mom until she needed in
: : more secure care.
: : Also, research the effects of low thyroid, as dementia is a definite symptom of it and I am
: : positive my own mother could have been helped at one time if diagnosed in time before she
: : had too many mini-strokes that shut down her brain too much. It is common in
: : elderly, and family's. I am hypothyroid, and had been losing my mental capacity before
: : diagnosis, and now am improving. It is complicated and one needs to research and get
: : books and see an endocrinologist. GP's just do not hav ethe knowlege, though many try
: : to deal with it. They will do TSH tests and think that syas it does not.
: : Check out the Thyroid Board on Health Boards &, as well as search
: : the internet about thyroid imbalances and search the word dementia. There is no actual
: : clear deliniationbetween Alzheimers and dementia, though one needs a Alzheimer's
: : diagnosis for some programs. If I needed that diagnosis, I would press the docotrs and
: : ask for it. If he refused I would ask on what basis. There is no clear differientiation in all cases.
: : Or get another doctor's opinion til you got the one you need. What matters here is the
: : patient's needed care.

: : I agree that it is strange there is not more going on the board. Maybe it is because talking
: : about this reminds us we may end up like this ourselves. Denial! Or just being tired of the
: : whole subject...but clearly care-givers need the support. Also see the Caregiver's Message
: : Board on this site. My heart goes out to you all!

: Sara, thank you so much for responding to my post. Yesterday, I carried my mother to a new internist and one of the first tests he wanted made was a thyroid test. She is scheduled to have it Friday. I am appreciative that you brought that to my attention because I have never heard of the correlation.If the only test they make is a TSH, then I will most certainly take her to an endocrinologist for further studies. As far as the primary caregiver being able to collect SS/SSI, that is also news to me.It would enable me to do more to help her.
: I am so sorry you had to put your mom in a home. Is she doing okay? Does she still recognize you? I do hope so.
: Again, thank you for your time and help. It's more than I have received ANYWHERE!
: more to be able to help her more.

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