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Posted by Debbie Brunk on June 30, 2000 at 23:36:03:

In Reply to: Trigeminal neuralgia posted by Popcorn on October 14, 1999 at 11:48:27:

: Has anyone had this problem out there....I have a girl friend that has been suffering with this for years. She had an operation which now has left her with seizures....Her's is the inflammation of the 5th crainal nerve...Any suggestions since it still seems to bother her....

I'm having a problem with TN right now as I type. This is my 5th occurance in approx. 2 years. The first time I had it (on the left side), the doc said it was brought on by an abscessed tooth. The second time I had it (on the right side) they said the same thing (and granted I did have abscessed teeth). The last three times (and one of those three is right now as I type) they didn't really know what brought it on. The first time I had it though, before we had a name to go with it, was the first time in my life I ever wished I was dead (and I am not that type of person). Now, when it occurs, I am put on Tegretol (usually the generic brand of it)300 mgs a day (1half pill three times a day, Prednisone, 4mgs in layered doses, and high doses of ibuprofen, 2400 mgs a day, til it runs it's course. It seems to affect the left side more often with me. I have not been told anything about the possibility of surgery, and quite frankly I don't really think I care to entertain that at this time (although if I was asked while having a spasmatic attack I might say different). As with the rest of my life, I live each day as it comes and deal with whatever as it comes. When Trigeminal Neuralgia strikes, sometimes I can only deal with one minute at a time. When I get through a spasm I breathe and think, "Well, that one is over with". And when they hit, all I can do is cry. Just be supportive of her and understanding. I have a wonderful husband and family who help me. Deb

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