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Posted by Jack on August 18, 2000 at 18:40:01:

In Reply to: Memory lost! posted by Justme on August 18, 2000 at 12:57:44:

: Hi,
: I just want to tell someone about my fear of totally loosing my memory. I am in my early 20`s now but I notice that I am forgetting alot of things. My concentration span is short, and whats worse is I catch this loosing moments on hand. I dont know if its the affect of all the illegal drugs I have taken in my teens but I am almost sure that i have somehow created a hole in my brains that makes me forget very easily.
: There are a lot of things i forget:The date-I have to practically pick up a calendar to be reminded of the day.; My car keys-common case I guess but after 2 mins of putting it down and not even knowing if it was taken off the car in the first it really that common?; My eye glasses-not remembering if there still in my face or have they been taken off;In the morning-collecting all the little bits to take in the car all of a sudden takes me 10mins to collect myself to doing......why?
: I hope theres someone outther that could suggest a vitamin of some sort to fix my brains into places again and cover-up the hole that has been created.

Hello, I'm no expert on drug use and its effects but I wouldn't necessarily call what you have memory loss. I have a friend who is always forgetting things, much like you. He puts his car keys down, a couple minutes later he doesn't remember where he put them. Maybe he's not exactly as you are but what you described sounds pretty similar. If you're concerned, see if a doctor can recommend any prescription medication (though I doubt they'll think you need medication). From what I've read and heard, herbs like gingko biloba and ginseng are not found to increase mental alertness, but try multivitamins and practice concentrating on a task for periods of time. Your brain needs to exercise too.

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