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Posted by Molly on September 02, 2000 at 21:30:44:

Since January 2000, I have noticed my mother frequently repeating herself,i.e. conversations that took place minutes before. Forgetting to come visit, having made the plans just hours before. Wearing the same clothes over and over. I took her to get evaluated at Alzheimers Research Clinic. Apparently the doctor said she has Alzheimers. She is only 67 years old. I am 34, married and 3 girls under the age of 12. I have recently had her move into my home because she has lost so much weight, close to 40 pounds since Christmas, so I see the effects of her disease everyday. I am not posting this message to ask any questions, I just need to scream out to somebody that this is killing me and is so hard. The thought that one day this wonderful woman, the only person in my life I could count on, will not know who I or my children are is to much to bare. I find myself arguing with her everyday. She refuses to take meds and forgets to eat. I bought her new clothes, and she wears the same stupid shirt and pants every day! I know I need help, but right now its only me coping with it all. I have a brother who seems to have washed his hands of her and his responsibilties as her son. I know I must sound like a big baby, but I just need to vent my feelings somewhere. I have known about this message board for some time now, and have visited often to read on anything new to give me some hope about my mother. Thank you for having such a place for people like me to go to. And thank you for letting me vent a little.

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