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Posted by ap111 on October 18, 2000 at 20:04:08:

In Reply to: Re: alzheimer's chat posted by Betty Thomas on October 18, 2000 at 17:00:33:

: : : I was wondering if you could tell me when a person needs to start looking for signs of Alzheimer's Disease?
: : : I'm 61, and I have a slight history of Alzheimer's, does that mean I am at risk or should I have it by now?
: : : Thank You, Betty Thomas

: : Hi, Betty. Here's what I've heard from doctors and on the web. There isn't a set age when a person should be looking for signs of Alzheimer's. Some people can get it in their 30's or 40's, although that's rare. I think most cases are during age 65 and over. You say you have a slight history, do you mean you have close family or relatives not in immediate family. Genetic possibility between indentical twins is quite high but if it's between parent and child or between relatives, the risk is pretty low, genetically speaking. Common signs are impaired memory/abstract thinking, disorientation with time/place, difficulty with language/communication, personality changes. Keep in mind that a significant number of cases of dementia is reversible/treatable.

: Thank you for responding to me so promptly. My paternal grandfather had Alzheimer's and so did my maternal grandfather. I was wondering if my chances were increased due to having it on both sides of my family. The chat was very informational. thank you for alerting me and others about it.
: Could you tell me more about the testing that is being done by DNA Sciences or do I need to go to site for that?
: I would really be interested in learning more.
: Again, Thanks

Hello again, your grandparent's having the condition would not be a significant risk factor. Although scientists probably can't say how small or how large the increase may be. If alzheimer's did not affect your parent's, and especially your siblings (if any) then I'd say you don't have much to worry about...the genes anyway. Alzheimer's has genetic factors but it's not 100% genetic disease. There are unknown environmental factors as well. The tests they do provide information about genentics of diseases that can be used to invent cures. They take a small blood sample from those who volunteer. There's more detailed info at the site. Good luck to you. Don't stress.

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