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Posted by Judy on October 28, 2000 at 19:16:37:

In Reply to: Re: WEIGHT LOSS/ALZHEIMERS posted by Annette on September 13, 2000 at 19:24:56:

My father is late stage AD. He was 209 in June and is now 160. He recently completed medical tests including a colonoscopy to look for other causes. Even when I ask the Pros, they don't have the answers for how much weight loss (a recognized sympton of late stage) is normal. He has been eating and eating well, but continues to lose weight regardless. Maybe one day they will have the answer and norms for weight loss. Until that time, I know that anyone witnessing there loved one diminishing and losing weight is hard. God be with you!.

: : My mother is continually losing weight also. She has been eating becuase I make sure she eats. And still the scale says she is losing weight. Not much, but about a pound a week. I do not understand it either.

: : : i called an Alzheimer's organization for help on the weight loss problem. No matter how hard I tried, my patient was, and still is, losing weight. This lady at the Alzheimer's Education Center told me that this was another part of Alzheimer's disease. Has anyone else heard of this and find it to be true.

: ap111,
: My mother is also losing weight no matter what anyone seems to do. She has gone from a normal weight of approx. 125 lbs. to 86 lbs. She has always been a healthy eater---raised in the country on all those fruits & veggies!! Now all she will eat without almost force-feeding her is sweets, hamburgers, fries, and choc. shakes and Frosties. They can't get her to put her teeth in to chew so they pureed her food. Sometimes she'll eat it, but most times not. But I or my daughter can put her teeth in and get her to eat a whole hamburger! Thank goodness she'll dink Ensure and Boost. I think this is just a common thing that goes along with the disease. Some days are better than others. I get really enthused if she eats 70% of her food one day, only to hear that she refused to eat the next. It's an awful disease. Not only does it rob the patient, but it robs the family. Everybody suffers. Guilt is the worst thing I think I face every day---that I'm not able to DO anything. I just say a prayer every day that my mother doesn't suffer any more than is absolutely necessary. I try to cherish every GOOD thing that happens with her.

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