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Posted by Terri on November 03, 2000 at 02:31:48:

In Reply to: SUCCESS with posted by Denise on November 02, 2000 at 22:19:40:

Thanks for your "home-made" remedies. I'll try them on my grandmother.

: My mom had a cerebral hemorrhage 8 years ago which caused her to develop DEMENTIA. She is in her late 70's. She had been gradually getting worse for years (today, she is at the mental level of about a 4 year old). But in the last 5 months, we have noticed an improvement with her memory and coherence. About that time, we had changed her routine. However, it is a combination of things, so we don't know exactly what caused the improvement (or maybe it's everything acting together???). Hope this helps anyone out there....

: "Prescribed" meds:
: 1) Aricept (alzheimer's drug)

: 2) CELEXA (anti-depressant...keeps them out of the "fog" resulting from medication and/or depression)

: "Over-the-counter" remedies:
: 3) Eating the amount of protein that young people eat (elderly and medicated people sometimes don't want to eat enough). Fish, chicken, beef, protein shakes.....really help the brain function and keeps her out of the "fog"

: 4)Getting a LOT of sleep keeps her out of the "fog" (a diseased brain is in a constant state of trying to heal itself and needs extra sleep...just like if you have a bad flu, you need to sleep a lot)

: 5) Ibuprofin which is an NSAID {non-steroidal anti inflmamatory drug} which is supposed to reduce Alzheimer's. (We use generic brand. A brand-name of Ibuprofin would be Advil, ...)

: 6) Vitamin E (anti-oxidant to decrease cell damage)

: 7) Raisons and fresh or frozen blueberries (the two natural foods with the MOST concentrated form of anti-oxidant!)

: There is a chemical galanthamine which is found in the daffodil flower that has shown to stop progression of the disease. It is being researched by the U.S. drug company Jensen-Cilag. Maybe that will be promising???

: Also, my mom used to take GINKGO BILOBA and it helped her become more aware of her surroundings, but we've heard that it may or may not be good if there is Ginseng or Terpene Lactones mixed in with it?? (I think it may lead to blood-thinning????? which isn't good for people who have had brain hemorrhaging) . Anyways, she had shown improvement with the Ginkgo Biloba, but a doctor should probably be advised before taking that particular over-the-counter herb.

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