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Posted by Tomi May on December 11, 2000 at 11:05:04:

In Reply to: "Decoding Darkness": New Book on Inherited Alzheimer's posted by Rudy Tanzi on November 20, 2000 at 18:20:58:

Hello, Dr. Tanzi,
I am certainly interested in this book, and will look for it the first time I have access to a Book Store. My husband suffers from AZ, as did his grandmother, his mother, his aunt, and 3 uncles, all from the same family. We have 3 adult children who desperately want to do everything possible to delay or thwart this disease. I wish we could be a part of some kind of documented research or testing that might help find a cure, or at least successful treatment. It is such a painful thing to see the deterioration of a mind and memory, and also the body. If there is anything we can do to help with research or trial medication we would like to know about it.
Thank you for your part in ending this malady.
Tomi May
: Re: New book -- "Decoding Darkness: The Search for the Genetic Causes of Alzheimer's Disease"

: Hi, my name is Rudy Tanzi and I am a Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School and Director of the Genetics and Aging Research Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital.First let me say that I empathize with the burden you are all enduring in dealing with Alzheimer's disease day to day. I have been researching the genetic causes of Alzheimer disease for the past twenty years and I thought it might be helpful to inform those who utilize this wonderful website that my new book "Decoding Darkness" (written with A
: nn Parson) has now been released by Perseus Publishing.

: "Decoding Darkness" describes in very "user-friendly" terms what we currently know about the most likely causes of Alzheimer's disease, the different inherited genes involved, and the promising new drugs that are currently in the pharmaceutical pipeline. I have isolated and characterized several of the known Alzheimer disease genes in my laboratory over the past 15 years and have now begun to work closely with drug companies to develop new drugs based on the knowledge gained from these important genetic studies. This research endeavor along with those of many of my collaborators and colleagues around the world have been so exciting over the past decade that Ann Parson and I felt compelled to share these many breakthroughs and the passion of those who made them, with those in the general public, and especially those such caregivers, whose lives are directly impacted by this insidious thief of minds.

: "Decoding Darkness" is written in the style of a true medical detective novel where all the players are real and the breakthroughs genuine. The book also chronicles the lives of the members of one of the early-onset Alzheimer families in our study, the Noonans (with whom we were recently featured on CBS' 20/20). Writing this book was an intensive 5 year effort to tell what is arguably one the most extraordinary chapters in the history of medical research. My co-author and I hope you might have the opportunity to read this as we truly believe that it will help all who care about this tragic disease to understand its causes, its patterns of inheritance, and the newest therapeutic methods for hopefully preventing and treating it.

: The book has received tremendous reviews so far, has been quoted in Time Magazine, and will be the subject of an article and profile in the New York Times sometime this month.

: "Decoding Darkness" available in all major bookstores, it can also be ordered at several internet book sites including where the link is:


: I truly hope that this book might help those who utilize your wonderful site to better understand the nature of this terrible disease as my laboratory and many others attempt to someday make Alzheimer's disease, itself, a long lost memory.

: Thanks for your attention.
: Dr. Rudy Tanzi
: Professor of Neurology,
: Harvard Medical School, and
: Director, Genetics and Aging Unit,
: Massachusetts General Hospital

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