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Posted by Susan Collins on December 14, 2000 at 18:10:34:

In Reply to: SLEEPS ALL THE TIME!! posted by Mary on December 14, 2000 at 13:58:35:

This must be terribly difficult for you. Your father might not have had a stroke that could be seen on a CT scan, but he may have had a series of mini-strokes, too small to see. As for sleeping all the time, that may be his way of coping. This disease, or dementias in general are often harder on the families than on the victim. Enjoy whatever time you do have with him. Take care


My Dad will be 93 next week. He was independent until being hospitalized in mid October. He would
: dress himself, make his own cereal, read the paper, watch tv. I took him to the ER because 2 days
: prior was getting confused and started wheezing. ER diagnosed him with an electrolyte inbalance and
: edema - which was accumulating in and around his lungs. He got very confused and agitated in the
: hospital and they gave him Haldol and Ativan to calm him --- restrained him in bed with a halter. After
: 5 days and not getting any calmer, I demanded Haldol to be stopped. He was no longer agitated, but
: still confused as to time and place. The discharge planner suggested placing him in an Alzheimers home.
: This was the very first time "Alzheimers" or "dementia" had ever been used in respect to my Dad.

: I decided to bring him home again and give him a chance for the drugs to get out of his system. He has
: home for 6 wks now. He now needs direct supervision on getting dressed, washed and cannot make even
: cereal for himself. Has no interest in the newspaper, television nor the current political situation. He
: was always very political. He now wants to sleep 24hrs a day. I have to beg him to get out of bed long
: enough to eat 3 meals a day. No information I have found on Alzheimers or dementia mentions constant
: sleeping as a symptom. Supposedly the CAT scan in the ER didn't show any signs of a stroke. I have
: been requesting a MRI - but the doctor is dragging his feet. The doctor moreorless says "He's 93, what
: do expect"! All I know is that 2 months ago my Dad was relatively independent and active. Now he needs
: constant direction and is very confused. The only thing that changed was a hospitalization. He didn't just
: get OLD overnite! Anybody have any suggestions?????

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