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Posted by Edmond on December 07, 1999 at 01:33:18:

In Reply to: Re: thalasemia minor (inherited anemia) posted by Arthur on October 11, 1999 at 21:10:15:

: I am currently 22, and I was diagnosed with thal minor, when I was six years old.
: In the early 80's I was told to take iron supplements, but now I know they probably
: will not help me. It has been very fustrating as I have never been able to perform as
: well as my peers with aerobic activities such as endurance running.

: I am also not sure about what to do about this illness, but I have noticed that when
: I jog twice or more a week (15 minutes per session.), my energy level is still higher
: than "normal" people who don't exercise.

: I have been told that taking vitamin C and E will help poduce more red blood cells
: which might help, but so far I have found no documentation on this. I have also been
: very fustrated by the lack of information of thal minor on the Web.

: Finally, I would like to say that we got it a lot better than those with thal major.
: The last thing I want, is to have a kid with thal major, and if I ever do have kids
: I plan to make sure that my partner is not a carrier of this disease.

:Hi! i am edmond. My case is similarly with arthur's case. I am also 22, and discovered that i have
: Thal minor at also 6. But my case is during my childhood i was told not to take iron pils
: but take those food with rich iron content. However, now i can consider myself that 'OK'
: although i looked pail and yellowish. I agreed with Arthur that our stamina and our energy
: is just as good as normal person, or i could say we are better than those healthy people
: that do not have sports. But my doubt now is with my next generations. I really do not want
: to have children that is/are Thal minor or badly Thal major. I hope i would not have any
: relationship with THALASEMIA after this. I realy hate and frustrated with the uncurable.
: And at this message board i realy do hope so someday or somehow that someone can
: find a way to get rid of it. Thank you very much.

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