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Posted by Anthony on February 05, 2000 at 01:55:04:

In Reply to: Re: Pernicious Anemia posted by Mary H. on September 16, 1999 at 23:33:06:

: : I am a 44 year-old female who was diagnosed with pernicious anemia 3 years ago. I recently had some follow-up blood work done which revealed that even with bi-monthly B12 shots my condition has not improved. My doctor (a general practitioner) told me that this indicated that I have had the condition for a long time and permanent damage has been done. Consequently, my elevated blood levels (MCV 113, MCH 38, RBC 3.55) will never be normal, and the best I can hope for is to prevent the condition from getting worse.

: : Has anyone else with PA been told they cannot get their blood levels to return to normal?

: : I am considering seeing a specialist but don't know what branch of medicine specializes is this area. Any advise would be appreciated!!

: : My great grandmother died as a result of PA in 1936, so I am somewhat concerned.

: Kathy:

: I am a 52 year old female who was diagnosed with pernicious anemia approximately 12 years ago. I was totally depleted of B12 when I was diagnosed. I was given, for the first month, a battery of B12 I recall, once a week, until my B12 levels came up. Since then, I have taken B12 injections once a month and had no trouble in keeping my B12 level normal. You need to see a gastrointerologist to help you.

: My paternal grandmother died of stomach cancer as a result of PA.

: I hope you get help soon.

I am the first in my family with it. Mine is full blown. My levels stay normal but I have to take shots every week. Sometimes I skip for weeks. I have very little memory of what transpired for a few months(actually several), only certain events stand out. UPS took me off the road and told me to get something done. I appeared that I was in pain when I walked but in reality I couldn't feel where I was stepping. It was so gradual that I never noticed. I was 32 at the time. I remember after a several months of injections everyday I bumped up against a metal object that stuck in my leg and grossed out the preloader who finally told me I was bleeding and something was sticking in my leg. Its seven years later and I have regained most of my sense of touch in my fingers and feet. I can feel heat but sometimes can't tell the degree of heat until it is too late. Turn down your waterheaters so that you won't burn yourself, thats a biggie. Don't grab pots and pans. Hold items close to your chest so you don't drop them. Blink your eyes when you turn your head so you won't loose ballance. Try to not forget or look stupid. I would give almost everything I have to feel the softness of my wife's hair. Perhaps no one will ever read this but at least it helps getting it out. These tricks worked for me and sometimes still do.

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