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Posted by cheryl on March 05, 2000 at 03:31:57:

In Reply to: Re: Thalissemia (probably not spelt correctly) posted by Jannette on February 17, 2000 at 22:25:50:

: : Suprisingly few doctors seem to be familiar with the chronic anemic condition that accompanies the genetic thallessimic trait.
: : Even though I have the minor trait, still I am very affected by chronic anemia. For many years I was pumped with iron injections
: : supplements and which are DANGEROUS generally but can be fatal in my case. I have been told, by doctors who do not give a fig and clearly do not
: : understand, 'you've had it all your life, it is something you should just learn to live with'. Isnt that ridiculous? MOreover, as I get older
: : symptoms seem to get worse. There are a lot of foods I cannot take because they seem to make rapidly impact my haemaglobin
: : count and lower it. Is anyone out there familiar with this condition and can you offer any advice as to a treatment modality that will
: : at least increase the heamoglobin to tolerable levels. Mine are usually around 8 and dip lower at my menses.

: I am 49 years old. Starting at age 14 Doctors told me that I was iron deficient anemiac. They began iron injections. I would get sicker. They tested me for lukemia, hodkins disease, tape worms-large, and etc. This went on until I was pregnant with my first child at age 18. Moe iron injections, more illness, no change in red cell count. 2nd child same pattern.(I was advised not to have more children ) Still no diagniosis. I seemed to only be ill when they treated me.(iron injections). At age 27 I was pregnant with 3rd child. Red cell count dropped to 7 at 6 months. More iron injections. Finally an iron binding test was done. I was sent to the University of Washington in Seattle for extensive test. Thalasemia Minor was diagnoised. Both of my girls have thal. minor, my little brother, and my nephew. We have no knowledge of Mediterrian descent. I am also told that there are no symptoms associated with thal. minor. I am also yellow skin tone, cronicaly feel tired and other problems. I can not get any one to listen. I would like some input. Could I have a serious iron overdose?

In response to Janette's message, thalasemia minor is genetic. The iron-binding tests you refer to
are to tell you how much iron is in the liver. An overload of iron is called hemochromatosis. Out of
10 children in my family, 9 have the thalasemia minor, and of those 9, two have full blown
hemochromatosis. If not caught in time, can cause lots of damage, even death. The yellowish
colored skin could be a sign of jaundice which is a sign of liver problems. If you want more info
on this you could write me at [email protected] Good luck.

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