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Posted by karin on August 23, 2000 at 07:32:14:

In Reply to: PA and Pregnancy posted by Mary Hanson on May 23, 2000 at 21:07:46:

Hi Mary
There isnt much information about B12 shots and pregnancy because most people who suffer from PA are "older" and so are past the fertile years. I developed PA sometime in my 30s. Unfortunately I didnt know I had the condition whild I was pregnant, the result was that my infant son suffered brain damage...but the evidence suggests it wasnt during the pregnancy that the damage occurred, it was during the breastfeeding in his first year of life. Three years later I accidently fell pregnant with my fifth child (PA is supposed to make women infertile, but I didnt see any evidence of that!!!) I had regular B12 injections during the pregnancy and Breastfed my daughter for the first six months of her life. She has grown into a healthy and very normal 3 year old. I couldnt find any information about the use of B12 injections duting pregnancy, but I didnt have much choice as I certainly wasnt going to go with out them...and I was determined not to terminate my pregnancy. I hope that my experience is reassuring to you and your daughter.
: My 26 year old daughter was diagnosed with PA several months ago. She has no intrinsic factor and also has gastritis. She has a significant peripheral neuropathy in her legs and feet - so bad that she went to the doctor due to falling several times at work, and was unable to get back up. She is on an antidepressant (which has helped the mood swings considerably), and takes sub-lingual B-12. Her level is now above 2000. She is no longer anemic, either.

: No one on my side of the family has ever had PA. Her paternal grandmother has gotten B-12 shots off and on through the years, but I do not think that she truly has PA. We are at a loss to explain this.

: She said one of her coworkers told her that having PA would substantially complicate any pregnancy, if she were able to get pregnant. Does anyone have any information regarding pregnancy and PA?

: Thank you very much. Although I'm not a stranger to message boards, I am new to this one.

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