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Posted by Lisa from Bay Area on August 26, 2000 at 13:49:53:

In Reply to: Re: What are normal B12 levels! posted by karin on August 23, 2000 at 07:21:47:

: Hi Julie
: I have been doing quite a bit of research into B12 levels...and I have found conflicting advice regarding what is a satisfactory B12 level. Some of the information states that levels below 500 are not acceptable, but I know that where I live levels of 120 and above are considered to be normal. The literature I have read suggests that it is not possible to over dose on B12 and too much is better than too little....I know the effects of too little B12 too well, it caused permanent brain damage to my infant son. So my advice would be to go ahead with your B12 injections and keep your levels monitored. I hope this helps. Karin.
: : Had blood work done and was told that my B12 level was slightly low at 210. Have been having all kinds of symptoms I thought were Fibromyalgia. But Ive been reading these boards and found out that the FM symptoms are similar to PA. Im just wondering what normal levels should be. Started shots today for 4 weeks. But my follow up with Dr isn't till next week. Thanks in advance.

Hi Julie (and Karin)
Just wanted to comment on the B12. My was 134 and consider very low at 134. Normal is consider 243 and borderline low at 175-242. I do know that I was constantly fatigued, spaced out, couldn't "think", and having muscle twitches and much clumsiness. It was much more pronounced than the usual iron def. anemia. I've had the four weekly shots and have been taking one sublingual B-12 every day for 2 months. I definitely feel much better, but have further to go. Try the sublingual on top of the injections. It will probably be necessary to do a Schillings test to see if you absorb B-12. Good luck!

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