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Posted by Lisa on September 18, 2000 at 16:46:13:

In Reply to: Anemia low ferritin posted by anemia low ferritin on September 18, 2000 at 16:05:15:

: I very much would like more informatio from anybody who has anemia due to low ferritin counts
: My hemoglobin is normal and I do not understand this whole thing at all and it also frightens me as I have had perfect bllod counts my entire life. I am on iron supplments as I was feeling so lousy finally went to the dr. He told me it takes quite awhile to build up your iron again
: I have suffered from fatigure, lightehadness, and just overall feeling like a wreck. Can somebody PLEASE write and reassure me that his is not alife thretening thing as I just cant get enough info I have to go back the first week of Oct for another blood test Also can you begin to feel better when your iron starts buildingup??? Sure could use some help out there.
: help me out I am on iron supplements and 1000 mgs of Vit C from the Dr. Does it take a long time for the iron to build up again and why does this happen?? I was told diet was the main culprit not enough red meat, but I thought I was doing okay but I guess not.

: Thanks Kathy

Hi Kathy,
Anemia can be due to many causes. I have had iron deficiency anemia on and off for the last 12 years. Could never understand why as I eat plenty of red meat. I just recently discovered that I had a low vitamin B-12 level as well. If there is not an obvious cause for the anemia, such as massive blood loss, vegetarianism, ulcer, rectal bleeding, etc. than get more tests. There are lots of informative websites on the net. Look up "Understanding Anemia" and you should find lots of information. Above all, don't let any doctor tell you "it's normal female anemia". Anemia is not normal. And, yes, you will feel better when your iron counts and whatever else may be involved, are back to healthy levels. Make sure you put your health first.

Take care!

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