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Posted by Roberta on October 14, 2000 at 21:43:04:

In Reply to: Re: PA and Pregnancy posted by Lisa on October 05, 2000 at 00:59:05:


Thanks for the advise. Well the rumors were true and my Doctor is moving so maybe this is a good thing...forcing me to get a new Doctor. I hope I find a Doctor who knows something about this. Hope everything goes ok with the endoscopy. Keep in touch.


: : Lisa,

: : What kind of tests determine why the B-12 went it that Schilling test or something that I have heard about on the message board. My Doctor just said we don't know why it went down and we don't know if it is something I have always had because I never had a blood test, testing the B-12 before, so before it was at 120 and I started getting shots I don't know what is was at and neither does he. I asked him about that Schilling test or whatever whenever I first was on the message board telling him that a lot of people seem to get that and he said there was no need because we know I have it and since it is going up because of the shots (Thank Goodness) then I would have to always get the shots so he said it wouldn't matter why it went down (basically). I heard a rumor that my Doctor is moving. Maybe that is a good thing and I will be forced to get a new Doctor who might know a little more about Pernicious Anemia. See, I have stuck with him because I have always gone to him and he knows all my history. He is a good Doctor very personable and smart but it just took him so long to figure out the Pernicious Anemia and then every time I went to see him with the symptoms...well I felt like I had some weird thing that noone else had. Then I found the message board and realized other people had this.
: : Well, my husband just asked me if I was writing a book to you, because this is so long. hahaha
: : Let me know what kind of tests are involved.
: : Thanks,
: : Roberta
: : P.S. Sorry about the run ons...I just got up and checked the message board, so it is kind of early.

: Hi Roberta,
: You and I seem to have a similar story. "-) The only way I found out about the PA was to SWITCH doctors. My new internist saw the pattern right away, tested me, and sent me to a good hematologist, who then tested me and sent me to a gastroenterologist. The reason they need to know the origin is, and please don't be alarmed, there are other diseases that can go along with this. With me, they found out that my body is attacking itself and making antibodies against the parietal cells in the stomach which make Intrinsic Factor (which binds with B12). That is responsible for the low B12, but unfortunately the autoimmune disease puts me at risk for stomach cancer. Now I have to get an endoscopy in a few weeks to check those cells. So, it turned out to be way more than I expected.

: Again, I DON'T mean to alarm you as your origin can be COMPLETELY different. But it's best to know, ESPECIALLY since you're planning on having children. Again, find another doctor who is willing to figure this out. I also urge you to search around the net on articles about pernicious anemia. That's how I found out about the different things that can be connected with it.

: Please keep me posted on how you're doing...

: Lisa

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