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Posted by shery on December 15, 2000 at 19:25:55:

In Reply to: Re: Thalissemia (probably not spelt correctly) posted by cheryl on March 05, 2000 at 03:31:57:

In response to, Janette & cheryl on behalf of: thalissemia. I too, have not found a (considerate)
doctor, whom is willing to help me (understand) this blood, disorder. Possibly due to: (their) own lack of knowledge, to my understanding. My 2 daughters' & I were referred to a Blood Disease and Control Center a couple of years', ago. Due to: a pediatricion (scolded) myself for not getting my daughter to a blood specialist for chronic fatigue & anemia. I too, had been (repeatedly) misdiagnosed of many, diseases. And: yet, they seem to (lack) compassion on our behalf of (their) own (misdiagnosis) misleading, us. They've: insinuated child neglect, poked us with needles' constantly, patronized my integrities, risked (my own personal) other health conditions' & at times': used us to further their own, knowledge. Had it now: been for: Blood Disease Contral Centers', I wouldn't have known that most doctors' (today) do not have much (and at times') any knowledge of: Thalissemia. Thus my daughters' & I (live) chronically fatigued, I have heart disorders', we faint at, times'. And: I am plagued with (several) other health disorders', now. I'm 44 years' old & still, surviving. As in: doctors' repeated (misdagnosis) &, etcs'. Our: government medical system, is quite a sight: "don't you agree." "Thank's: Cheryl," for the information. I had no, knowlegde of the conditions' you mentioned, up to date. I'm a sybling of 3, sisters'. Whom: none of them nor, my parents', have the Thalissemia trait. How be it: 3 of my 5 children have tested (positive) like unto myself. Two of my: children have not been tested yet & their father, doesn't have it. I: "thank God" that a fine woman at the Blood Disease Control Center" took it upon: herself to tell me about this, blood disorder. And: how, our doctors' lack (knowledge) of, it. Too: I have no (ties) to the Mediterrian, either. Or, so to my knowledge, anyway. Can it be (possible) that our Government (researched) on the baby-boomers' of the 50's & didn't, notify the public? "LOL!" I laugh: but then, who can know.

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