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Posted by Janie on October 30, 1999 at 17:22:23:

In Reply to: Re: To Rob from NJ posted by Rob from NJ on October 30, 1999 at 17:11:27:

: Janie,

: Thanks for your message. I'm sure you know this, but you can't be taking Methotrexate/Rheumatrex with the CMO because these drugs completely block the benefits of CMO. I think you said you were off of it, but I'm not sure. Also, you shouldn't be taking cortisones or other steriods, they also hamper absorption. You should be taking an enzyme with the CMO on an empty stomach. The enzyme should only include Lipose, amylose and protease, and avoid any enzymes with Hydrochloric acid or pancreatin. I use Kal-N-Zyme.

: There is a website you can go to that discusses the limitations and restrictions when taking CMO, but I don't want to mention it here on the board since they may interpret it as advertising, and delete my message. So send me an e-mail if you'd like.

: I feel the pain you're going through and I'm concerned for your healing. I will pray for your healing and success with the CMO. I hope the weather is nice there in New Mexico, I really loved it out there when I visted NM in the 70s. I'd really like to visit there again some day. I'm also sorry to hear about the financial setback due to you not being able to work. I do pray you'll be healed and back into the activity of life. Life is very hard at times, and we need to have God show us the way back to health. If you have other questions, don't hesitate to contact me. I will be starting a second bottle of CMO very shortly. Take care and God Bless.

: Rob from NJ
Thanks again,Rob.I have been off those drugs for 3 months now.I was unable to get your e-mail address from the message so I will just try to find the website.Thanks for all your help.I felt that you were a Christain as I also am.God is my strength.I will let you know here on the board how it works.Bye bye,Janie

: : : Hi Janie,

: : : Fortunately, I wasn't a coffee drinker, but I did drink decaf coffee at times and especially tea. I stopped drinking decaf 3 days before I took the CMO; I followed the instruction implicitly. I avoided the foods, beverages that I was instructed to avoid, and took the CMOtm first thing in the morning with 8-12 ounces of water. I didn't eat for 2-3 hours afterward. When I did eat, I ate 2-eggs, no toast or anything else. I tried to avoid eating much bread, so I would eat tuna for lunch in a pita wrap. In fact I'm still following the diet since I've gotten somewhat use to it. I also lost weight, but didn't lose any energy. For snacks I ate nuts of various kinds as instructed by the CMO manufacturers. I think you really have to be committed to wanting the best for your body, and therefore do whatever you have to do to get there. I understand being a heavy coffee drinker is going to make this tough, since you will have withdrawal symptoms making you very tired and drowsy. If you feel you must have something, try limiting your consumption of decaff coffee to one in the morning and maybe one in the afternoon. In between this, try and drink water. Water will help flush out the effects of the caffein, and will provide a sense of restoration to the body. When you feel hungry because of the restricted diet, again drink a full glass of water. This will make the stomach feel full for the time being and helps hydrate the system, which the body really needs daily. I know you probably like coffee alot, but it would be good for you to cut down now if you're a heavy coffee drinker. The best way to do that is by gradually cutting down, not all at once. I would even say before you use CMO, you try and start reducing the coffee. It has been written that coffee, decaf as well, restricts absorption of the CMO. That goes for tea as well. I know it's not the same, but there are coffee herbal teas that give the taste you want, but not the offending chemicals that prevent absorption.

: : : Well, I hope that helps, but feel free to write me, because I'm interested in finding how CMO will work for you. Maybe you can tell me more about your condition, foods you eat, etc. There are also other new supplements on the horizon that show great promise with arthritis--like SAMe. I'll talk with you later, please send a message when you can. God Bless! (what state are your from?)

: : : Rob from NJ

: :
: : Thanks for your reply,Rob.In answer to your question,I am living in New Mexico for the last six years now.But actually I am a Texan.I was born there and just moved away when we moved here.Two years ago I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.However,it took me a year to get that diagnisis.Over the last two years I have been on Prednisone of different dosages,(I am now down to 5mgs.),Sulfasalazine,Methotrexate,then Arava.Nothing helped.I just keep getting worse, though I have no real deformity as yet.Just a lot of pain,inflamation and exhaustion.My Rheumatologist was talking about putting me on Enbrel shots with the Arava,but before he got around to it,he moved away.I live in a very small town and he was the only one here.So,knowing the effects of all these agressive drugs farther down the road,I just decided to go to my regular doctor and ask her to tell me how to taper off of them.I am still on the 5mgs of prednisone and 150 mgs of Voltaren a day or I could not get out of bed!She was really mad at me and tried to talk me out of it,but she did help me get off of them.I told her I wanted to try some natural remedies on my own,and she laughed and told me not to throw my meds away.Then I hit the internet and found CMOtm.I have ordered 2 bottles but haven't started it yet.I have been taking Milk Thistle for three months(that's how long I have been off the Arava) now to cleanse and stimulate my liver.I am down to 2 cups of coffee a day now(which was not easy).Anyway,I hope to get completely off of it next week and start the CMo.I am desperate to get well.I had to quit working and we had to file bankruptcy because of me.I feel so guilty over that.I am 48 years old and hope to be able to work again someday.The only dietary restrictions that came with mine was no caffine, chocolate,alcohol,potatos,tomatos,or bell peppers of any kind,or eggplant.Not to eat or drink anything except water for three hours before and one hour after taking the Cmo.If you have any further suggestions,please let me know.Thanks Janie

: : :
: : : : Hi,Rob.You and I have sent a few messages back and forth when we were trying to tell Mary about CMO.I am just now starting mine,as I had to get off coffee first!When you took it did you drink any decaffinated drinks?I know about the other dietary restrictions,but the coffee thing is getting to me because I have been a heavy coffee drinker for years.I thought maybe decaff?.What do you think?..Thanks Janie

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