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Posted by Kevin on November 03, 1999 at 01:33:34:

In Reply to: Re: psoriatic Arthritis posted by Jess on October 20, 1999 at 21:43:54:

I just started on methotrexate myself for psoriatic arthritis. As far as negative immune system
results go, it is possible because of the nature of the drug, however my sister has taken
methotrexate for months and has always had an incredibly weak immune system and she's
stayed as healthy, if not healthier, than ever. Our rheumatologist is also prescribing for us
strong vitamins, I believe prenadel vitamins, to counteract any ill effects incurred from the drug.
We have both been tried on the oral doses of methotrexate but it made us each ill so now, over
a year later, we are both taking subcutaneous injections. I have a strong immune system and
expect no problems from the methotrexate. This has become an option for me only because
my steroid injections weren't lasting long enough. My knees and recently my left ankle are the
most affected areas. If you are worried about methotrexate you may have an option. There is
another medication called embryl (at least that's how it's pronounced) that is available to me if
I am not helped by or cannot tolerate methotrexate. The availability for me is financially based -
it's quite expensive and my insurance considers it only an option when methotrexate fails. I'm
19 and was diagnosed with arthritis when I was 12. My sister was diagnosed at 2 and she is
now 16 so both through her years and mine I've grown up with arthritis. We all have good days
and bad days. Let's hope for more of the former!

: : Just recently I went to the rheumtoid doctor about my psoriatic arthritis. He said that my case was serious and that if I didn't do something my hands and my hips would not be able to function much. He wants me to go on the Methotrexate. I do not want to harm my immune system and my liver so I am looking for an alternative. Can someone help??

: My hubby has psoriatic arthritis. His is not as severe as yours but he has been living with this for 11 years now and at one time he had swelling so bad that he was unable to walk. He tried numerous meds including methotrexate. Methotrexate did not work for him (didn't make him feel too good either). He also tried all the other arthritis remedies from NSAIDs to pycnogenol to vicodin to ridaura (gold) and the best one for him yet is good old ibuprofen, 800 mg 3-4x/day. Low stress is major also. For whatever reason, he has improved greatly over the last 11 years and all he's done is de-stress, take ibuprofen, and live clean and healthy. It is frustrating cause there is not very much info out there for those suffering w/psoriatic arthritis. Did your doctor tell you that methotrexate would harm your immune system? I know it is a cancer drug and I understand that some cancer treatments actually strengthen your immune system. Perhaps you should get a second opinion. I believe you should keep trying things until you find the one that works for you. Good luck to you. Also, have you tried Dovonex for the skin (works great for my husband).

: jess

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