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Posted by Kenneth Carpenter on November 07, 1999 at 21:36:41:

In Reply to: unknown arthritis type posted by Moira on November 02, 1999 at 00:09:44:

: This is the first time I have discovered this I am a 56 year old male who has experienced feet, ankle, and pain in my fingers for many years, since my late teens. I also encountered very minute rashtype symptoms around my forehead and elbows and knees. As I have aged the pain has become more severe and the rashes more problems some. A dermatologist recently diagnosed me with psoriasis and I was also going to arthritic specialists at the same Clinic which had no hent as to the cause of my arthritis. I have recently been diagnosed with psoriasis arthritis which effects the feet and hands. It comes and goes more severely with the changing seasons. Good luck to you and am 19 years old, and have developed some unusal type of inflamatory arthritis over the past three years.
: It started as a mild swelling, one ankle joint, no pain...I eventually saw an orthapaedic surgeon (as it progressed to being painful at times and had not responded to physio), he did not establish that I had arthritis and in July 1998 performed an arthroscopy and debridement.

: From that point onwards I've had extreme swelling, and pain...I have only recently been able to get around without a crutch most of the time. I saw a rhuematologist, who put me on Salazypirin (a sulphur compound), which I recently had to stop because of a reaction in my white cell count. We have done steroid injections into the joint, and the tendons. I had a brace which only reduced the movement, so I have opted not to use it anymore.
: I have been on methotrexate since great improvement. They have told me it's not rhuematoid arthritis, but that it's most likely some kind of reactive arthritis, or spondilo-arthritis? basicly they're not sure. I recently had a visit to the gastroenterology department, who decided it was unneccessary to procede investigations as I didn't show enough symptoms of what they were looking for.
: I just would like to hear from anyone who has had a similar experience...I haven't given up hope, but I am ready to consider more alternative therapies at this point. There is nothing wrong with the rest of me and this is so frustrating as I want to be as active as all my friends .I am also concerned about being on the methotrexate which can effect your internal organs when it is only one joint I am dealing with.

: any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)

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