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Posted by Sue on December 04, 1999 at 11:40:35:

In Reply to: Re: joint pain all over posted by Denny on November 25, 1999 at 10:44:24:

: : : Howdy, I am a 43 year old male. I began having RA like symptoms at about age 38 after a bout of arm wrestling with my sons. I had no previous history of the condition prior to this. It started with sore shoulders and over the past 5 years has progressively spread throughout the rest of my body. Most of the time it is managable with the judicious use of various medications. Formerly I was an avid jogger and have had to give it up. I have seen several doctors without a firm diagnosis being arrived at. I test negative for the RH factor. Most of my problem manifests itself as tendonitis like symptoms in the joint areas, and I may rarely have the classic inflamed swollen joint. Usually finger or toe joints. Oddly, I also have bouts where I seem to loose elasticity in large tendons. The classic "disease modifying" drugs have not worked for me. The only thing that makes any noticable difference is cortical steroids and we all know the hazards associated with those. I have tried "ENBREL" with no noticable effect. Have been gobbling ARTRO 7 for a month. Can't say as I've seen any tangible results there yet, either. Anyone have any ideas? The doctors I have seen refer to me as a "strange bird".!!?? Have a good one!
: : Ken G.

: Ken,
: You can't be too much of a "strange Bird", cause I share the same "complaints" as you. I have always put off the aches and pains for fear of sounding like a hypochondriac to my Physician and family. I'm 50yrs and started having problems in earnest approximately around age 38, which coincides with an on the job accident with laid me up for 6mos. with broken bones. Perhaps its my working outdoors for 27yrs, or the nature of my work, but its not getting any easier moving the body parts upon rising in the morning. I have not had any particular diagnosis to date other than the "your aging" routine. I'm not sure if thats right or not, but I don't like it all the same. I find my joints stiffer..painful, and as you stated, my tendons become sore and my body feels more ridgid. So my friend are we the type that are just aging, or do we truly have a medical problem? I am not about to just sit back and accept either one to be sure, as your not either.
: I have found that when I soak in my hot tub it helps me to get loosened up in the morning when I feel that I need that. I too, have stopped my running and knee pounding exercises but still find time to hit the gym every other day which does make me feel better. When I do take a break from the workouts...I feel stiffer and not as well. Above all stay physically active.

Hello! My husband has about the same complaints as you do. He is now 43 but began having trouble when he was 37. His joint pain began in his feet, knees and fingers. It moved up to his hips, back, neck, shoulders and jaw joint. He has suffered from severe fatigue and occasionally a low grade fever. And of course, he has the ever present morning pain and stiffness. A hot shower in the mornings is an absolute necessity for him to "get going". He has also suffered from migraines and has had swollen glands under his arms, especially when the shoulders were bothering him a lot. In the beginning, he went to several different doctors (including a respected rheumatologist in our area) looking for a diagnosis without success. All of his blood work was negative for RA - but he had all of the symptoms. Finally, he found a rheumatologist that understood his symptoms and diagnosed him with sero-negative inflammatory arthritis. He has tried all the standard arthritis drugs with little or no improvement. He cannot use the traditional NSAIDs due to gastric reactions. He is now on Celebrex with no noticeable improvement.
At the present, he is bothered a great deal by jaw joint pain which is radiating into his teeth and makes eating painful. He stays as active as possible, especially outdoors, and says that sitting around just makes him stiffer. Early in his quest to find a diagnosis, the doctors were not very helpful because he did not "fit the classic pattern" of an RA patient. If you didn't "fit the pattern", they didn't know what to do. Any comments would be welcomed!

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