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Posted by Pat Libby on December 12, 1999 at 15:02:40:

In Reply to: Re: wrist & joint pain & should weakness posted by beatle on December 03, 1999 at 00:58:11:

: : i was diagnose with RA since june, my primary dr referred me to Rrheumatoid specialist put me on pretisone (steriod) which caused me swelled up on my chin, so i stop right away and now i have terrible joint pain on both of my wrist and finger joints, i can't even dressed myself... i've tried chinese herbs, suppliments ie MSM, G&C, vitamins etc. since july, seems like nothing works, my pain keeps coming back, i'm now back on motrin & sulfa...does anyone have any advise for me. is this pain ever going to go away? i'm so depress, i've already took a month off work.. help...

: Anything I say should not be a substitute for advice from your doctor. This disease often comes and goes once diagnosed. Can your doctor get you in to see a Physical Therapist and also an Occupational Therapist? Rest is important but so is using your hands to not lose function. Heat or cold can be good pain relievers. The therapists can help you with these issues. I would also talk to the doctor about other drugs such as Gold, Minocycline or other meds he would like to try. I have read some good things about Minocycline but it (like many other meds) takes a good period of time to work. Talk to your doctor about the above ideas and see what he says.
: Would you be willing to ask your doctor about taking an anti-depressant? The treatment of depression has gotten much better this decade. Can you afford to see a psychotherapist while you are trying to get through this?
: Disease happens to all of us humans sooner or later. There is hope of a better life than the anguish you are now undergoing but it takes time.

I was diagnosed with RA 4 years ago and have been down that long road of trying to figure out the best treatment. I have tried everything from Prednisone which I was on such high doses I gained over 50 pounds and was bloated. I have tried anti-inflammatories but they upset my stomach. I tried a chemo durg Methotrexate which made me so nauseaus. I have finally found something that limits my pain and allows me to do some of the things I couldn't before. Although still in pain a lot of the time, nothing compared to what it was when I couldn't even move my hands, fingers, wrists, feet or shoulders. Check out the new med, ENBREL which is a twice a week injection and VERY Expensive (about $1200 a month which insurance will cover if approved) and Celebrex which is an anti-inflammatory. Check with your doctor. They have been alife saver.

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