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Posted by Janie on January 09, 2000 at 01:03:44:

In Reply to: Re: numbness in hands posted by Stacey on January 08, 2000 at 18:47:48:

: : : I just had a nerve conduction test done today to make sure I had no nerve damage as my hands wake up numb in the moring especially my little finger. When this happens my grip and hand strength is even weaker throughout the day. The neurologist said that I have no nerve damage but that I am bumping or pinching the nerves (especially the one near my elbow) when I sleep or through out the day which in turn causes the numbness. He also said that this is sometimes common with arthritis. Has anyone else experienced this numbness in the hands??

: : Hi,I not only have numbness,but cramps and burning like fire in my hands.My rheumatologist says that I have carpal tunnel syndrome caused by rheumatoid arthritis.I know it is horrible,but nothing seems to help it for me.I did go to the chiropractor a few times and got great relief for about 3 days each time,but I can't afford to keep that up.Good luck to you.

: Janie, Thanks for responding. I, too have that carpal tunnel problem (numbness with the thumb index and middle finger and then that cramping burning feeling in the pad of the hand-ouch!). But it comes and goes. I might have it for 3 months or so and then who knows when it will show up again. From what I understand Carpal Tunnel Syn does not affect the fourth and fifth fingers. I guess the ulner nerve (the one by the elbow)is the culprit for that. I find all of that very interesting! But my question to you is, is this numbing/pain for you a flare up that comes and goes or is it consistant. Thanks! Stacey

Hello,again,Stacey.It does flare up.I think I couldn't stand it if it was consistant.I too have had problems with my ulner nerve that comes and goes.I think that if I start feeling too good,then I over use my hands and arms and cause a flare up.But,right now I have stopped my arthritis meds (except for 5mg prednisone and 150 mg Voltaren) and I am experimenting with alternative treatments.That is why I am having a super flare right now.But as you say,that cramping and burning in the pad is the worst.The numbness I can handle but the pain gets excruciating sometimes.It does get better if I get up out of the bed and worse if I try to sleep on my side.Any similar problems with you there?
Thanks Janie

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