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Posted by vanessa on January 13, 2000 at 20:40:42:

In Reply to: Son posted by Sharon on January 11, 2000 at 08:07:05:

: Hi, all. I have a 21-year-old son who was first diagnosed with AS about 3 years ago. About
: 2 years ago, while trying various strong medications to deal with the AS which was flaring up
: (mostly knees, some hip), it was discovered he had pan ulcerative colitis. They wanted to
: do immediate surgery (colostomy), but his m.d. intervened and urged they try medications first.
: He was on predisone for quite awhile; didn't have the surgery. Over the last few years, he takes
: predisone for the occasional colitis flare-ups. Very recently we have discovered that he has
: avascular necrosis in one hip and possibly one or both knees (awaiting an MRI for further
: diagnosis). He's in pain and will have to have at least one hip replaced. Needless to say, he
: is on leave from work. It appears the predisone is the culprit here as far as the necrosis is
: concerned...which is the drug he needs when his colitis flares up. We've been in such an
: emotional turmoil. He is not handling this very well, is not optimistic, and will not consider
: any type of counseling. Thanks for really does help.

my name is vanessa, i'm 16 and i have AS...fortunally my condition is not as bad as your son's. i'm a member of a site called wonderful, you mentiond councelling (lol, by the way, i'm the worse speller)..that is an excellent idea and kickas is a good place for some comfort from other AS sufferers. parents of course are very helpful but my mom and dad will never fully understand the constant pain i go through everyday like the people of so please tell your son to come and visit this great'll change his life forever.

...he (or you...its great for family members of AS patients as well)can register by going to the site....if you need help just leave you email address with your next post and i will walk you through it.

hope your son does well and keeps his spirit high.


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