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Posted by Raylene on January 17, 2000 at 11:13:15:

In Reply to: Re: Bakers Cysts information on bakers cyst/treatment posted by Tracy Villines on January 16, 2000 at 21:56:53:

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: : :
: : : : : : I would like some information of how to treat a bakers cyst. What treatment do I need and how long should it take to cure. Please advise me of the medication I need and how to take care of this problem.I was diognose with a bakers cyst on the underside of my knee.
: : : : : .Its ironic, my husband also has a bakers cyst on the underside of his knee. Reading about yours makes me feel its a lot more common than I thought and maybe not too serious, I too would like to know how to help or what to do about this cyst. Thanks for any help!

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: : : I also had a bakers cyst on the underside of my right knee. It was quite large so my orthopedic doctor said she could cut it out and it would not come back. I had it cut out in March l999 and I ended up with a very bad bacterial infection and had to be on IV therapy in my home for about a month. I have since gotten another bakers cyst on the same leg-same place and my new doctor says they will come and go when you have osteoarthritis, like I have. Because of the terrble infection I got I can no longer have cortisone shots in that leg and I have many problems with my knee on that leg. Your husband's cyst may go away on its own because that is what I have now learned, that these cysts come and go because on inflammation. I hope this helps you.

: : Raylene, I read with interest your experience
: : with your doctor who drained your "knee"and gave
: : you a shot which if I remember your message didn't help and said draining the cyst itself
: : wouldn't help.I am in the same position as my
: : doctor drained my knee plus a shot and it hasn't
: : helped at all. Before he did his thing I had no
: : pain in the knee itself, just on the underside.
: : Now I have pain directly in the knee and no
: : relief from the pain under my knee and down the calf of my leg.
: : Would appreciate any additional information or
: : suggestions My three year old daughter has a bakers cyst on the backside of her knee,she is going to see a surgeon,her doctor said it needs to be removed,it is painful. I can not find very much information on this in children,does anyone know what causes these cyst?

What did your doctor tell you about what caused the bakers cyst on your daughter? I was told that they come from inflammation. They are fluid from having the osteoarthritis in the knee. I have never heard of them in children, but please read what I have written before about the infection I had in my knee when I had the bakers cyst removed surgically. Maybe the cyst could be drained on your daughter and then there is less of a chance for an infection. This can be done by a qualified radiologist. Take my advice and get another opinion before you let anyone operate. I hope this helps you.

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