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Posted by francis on January 19, 2000 at 05:27:12:

In Reply to: Re: What were your RA symptoms at the beginning?Reply.. posted by Russ B. on January 15, 2000 at 02:59:41:

: Hello:LynnB. I to have just found this message board.I"m 38yrs old and have had RA for about 4 years now.In the begining I suffered from strange flareups of pain.First my right wrist for two days or so then myleft knee a week later.Both would would just disappear and all pain gone?Then I would be fine for a week or so and then it would come back again.After about 4 months or so,the pain and stiffness became more and more sever.Not only that it was nolonger restricted to those areas.The pains now were in my feet,wrists,elbows,and sholdersand getting worse.The frequency of these flareups increased as well as the pain.I tried desperately to tuff it out being a guy,but my condition became overwhelming.Lynn B I beg of you,DO NOT WAIT any longer.Get to a specialist as soon as possable.I do not want any one to ever go through what I went through.By waiting so long.I suffer from moderate to sever RA.One word of caution:If your not satisfied with your specialist,move on to another one.You owe them nothing!Your more important.Don"t ever forget that..Lynn, if you do have RA Please, please, look in to Antibiotic Treatment,first.I beleive it saved my life.I to suffered from deppression due to RA.Keep your chin up kid,and smile and dont ever give up..ALWAYS RUSS B. : Hello: This is LynnB. I've just found this message board. This Fall I began having some pain in both my
: : hands (almost all the knuckles except the end ones), wrists, and elbows, also my feet joints. The muscles
: : around the joints were particularly achy. I went to the doc and he suspected that it was arthritis caused
: : by some kind of viral infection. He gave me some NSAIDS to take for a week and said it would go away in
: : a few weeks. The whole thing just seems so weird to me! My hands looked perfectly normal, yet ached
: : and throbbed. I've been doing fine for the past three weeks (ie; no symptoms to speak of), but now my
: : finger joints are starting to act up again. Nothing severe...but I still worry. My whole family thinks I'm
: : falling apart and I'm also going through a depression. Should I try to see a rheumatologist? Has anybody
: : on this board ever had this type of arthritis?

No, see an endocrinologist as soon as possible.

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