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Posted by wondering on January 19, 2000 at 05:29:18:

In Reply to: Re: Rheumatoid arthritis & minocycline posted by Russ B on January 15, 2000 at 04:04:39:

: Judy:Yes, Well almost.Minocycline was the first drug given to me.With little results.I graduated to oral gold and after a year or so the gold no longer worked.Not to mention the side effects.they were dredful.At that point I was terrified to go on to any other so called traditional drugs.Luckly, I found a doctor in Boston whom firmly beleived in antibiotic treatment and worked with a famous doctor known for working with antibiotics as a posible cure to RA.I have been on Minocin Pellet 100 mg Twice a day along with Oruvail 150 mg a day.Thats it.I must remind you ,i suffer from moderate to sever RA and it has done wonders for me.I also now that it does not work for everybody.I was lucky and I hope it continues to work for you.I wish you all the best.Always Russ B: : Is anyone on the antibiotic protocol (AP)minocycline for the treatment of RA? I was diagnosed with RA 6 mths ago & my doctor started me on it (100 mg twice daily, pill form)and IMMEDIATELY the flare ups stopped. I've had a slow but steady improvement over these 6 months, and feel just about normal again (which is a gift). I wondered if anyone else has these same benefits. Pls feel free to e mail me. thanks, Judy

: : Anything I say should not substitute for advice from your doctor. Yes, Minocycline can work to some degree for RA. Its often used in people with mild cases as it doesnt work well enough on its own for really severe RA. Dizziness is a common side-effect and occurs in one out of ten patients.
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What gives with all the diagnosis' on most every board?
How did you become the expert here?

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