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Posted by GaryD on February 02, 2000 at 13:56:25:

In Reply to: Re: VIOXX?? Thanks, Gramps posted by Jennnifer on January 23, 2000 at 21:35:40:

Ibuprofen at that high dose will mess you up, try taking a much smaller dose of Naproxen, it's 4 times as strong,

: : Hi Jennifer,

: : I am on Vioxx for the second time. Last October I was put on it for arthritis pain in my neck and hip. I had been using [and abusing Advil for 5 years.] I took Vioxx for 10 days and didn't think it was doing anything for my pain.The last three days I doubled the dose and still got no relief. I called my Doc and asked if he would switch me to Celebrex as several people had told me they swore by it.

: : Three days on Celebrex, with still no relief, I took three coated aspirin. 2 hours later, I had a bloody bowel movement, and another, and another. I knew what was happening and the right thing to do. Instead I went home from work alone, collapsed and couldn't even make a phone call. Later, I found that I had lost 1/3 of my blood through bowel movements. I knew I had been stupid and didn't want to go through the endoscopy [no problem] or the other tests and admit all the dumb mistakes I had made thinking my body was different [or better] than others and I didn't have to play by the rules.

: : Finally a month later, the Gastro-Doc gave me Prevocid for my stomach and Vioxx for my pain. I love the prevocid but still not sure how much good the Vioxx is doing. Maybe I should drop it for 10 days and see if I notice any difference.

: : On another forum that I follow, I was the only one of a dozen that didn't feel it was a help. It has a lot of supporters and I believe it is easier on my stomach. I'm better, but I've been taking several supplements and go to a acupuncturist/chiropractor, and it would take a reserch team right now to find which is helping and which is not.

: : After 30 minutes of my two fingered typing, I realize that I haven't given you any real answer, but since no one else has replied to your post yet, I will hit submit instead of cancel. I hope the next reply gives you a better response...Gramps

: Gramps, what doseage of Vioxx are you on? Do you take it in the morning or before bedtime? Have you experienced any side effects? I have been on 1600 mg. of ibuprofen for about one year now. At first it helped some but lately. not at all, so my dr. prescribed Vioxx. I guess I am a little afraid to start it because I have high blood pressure and I read that Vioxx might cause elevation of blood pressure.I have never tried Celebrex for pain. From what I have read, it causes too many side effects. Sounds like you had a dangerous episode after combining it with aspirin. I'm glad to know you are okay. Again, thanks for answering.

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