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Posted by Kevin B. on March 01, 2000 at 19:09:52:

In Reply to: Normal Test results and still in pain.. Can you have normal test results and have RA? posted by Ellen on March 01, 2000 at 08:44:31:

: Hi:

: I am really frustrated. My labs keep coming back normal and I have been give meds for Rheumatoid...
: Vioxx, Prednisone, Plaquenil. This is soooo frustrating to me! My rhuematologist said that 20% of people
: with RA have normal test results, she says I am probably one of those 20%.
: I am really annoyed and exasperated by this. The only clue, lab wise, was that my RF factor was
: elevated twice in three years-- all results were normal since.

: Has anyone else had normal test results and had RA?

: I appreciate any answers that you can provide.

: Have a good day!

: Ellen
Hi Ellen, Yes you can have normal blood tests and have RA. When I was first diagnosed, my RF factor was almost negative. That was about 17 years ago and since then I have regressed badly. The fingers on both hands are angled over about 40-45 degrees, but I can still use my hands luckily. I have already had foot surgery to remove bone that was causing a lot of pain. Also had the other toes straightened out. I am on methotrexate, fluriprofen, folic acid, and occasionally prednisone. I took plaquenil at one time but you have to have a thorough eye exam and have an image taken of your retina. Very slight side effects, but still a precaution. I hated the exam that you need to have twice a year. Thay put drops in your eyes to dialate the pupil so they can see your retina easier. I quit taking it after about a year or so but it did help the RA.

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