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Posted by Gramps on March 08, 2000 at 11:36:23:

In Reply to: Re: Hip Arthritis posted by Kristie on March 03, 2000 at 11:40:28:

Hi Chris,:
My Doc's all said that I had cartilage and space left and could not find why I had so much pain with an MRI and the x-rays. My accupunturist/choirpractor found some "twisted tendons" if I understood him right, which he pressed and rubbed on "painfull but did take a lot of pain away".

I started running again on the 1st of Feb. on the treadmill, one minute run, more like an old man's shuffle at 5 miles an hour,and one minute walk @ 2 1/2 miles an hour. I gave my hip a day's rest between sessions and increased the running time, but kept the walking time to one minute. I use a heart rate monitor when excercising and found my heartrate was 20 to 25 heartbeats higher than it used to be when I ran at the 12 minute pace.

I just returned from an 11 day vacation in Florida where I ran four days and biked every day. I wish I could tell you I'm painfree, but I'm not and have not been since before I was diagnosed with osteo in the neck and left hip. [the only places they x-rayed, I may have it in a lot more places, but it can't be very advanced] The good thing is that until Friday I felt less pain each week and knew I was getting stronger. Friday morning I tried to keep up with Granny Jean walking on the beach and my lower back felt stiff. I thought it would loosen up, but it seem to get worse the more I walked. Sat. morning it was better and we biked for 2 hours on level roads and the pain didn't get worse. Sunday morning, our last day of vacation, I did my longest run/walk of 10 miles in about 2 hours and 15 minutes. I felt great, mentally and physically. Sure I was tired and sore all over, but 10 miles always did that to me. Monday I felt my lower back knotting up again and Tuesday, I went home from work early. Today, it seems a little better. I had a run scheduled for this morning but laid down for an hour instead. The pain seems worse when I'm trying to sleep and I'm miserable now because of lack of sleep.

Anyway, do what your Doc says, [we are going to x-ray mine again in May to see if I'm better or worse if I don't find out myself first. I take 3000 mg's of glucosimine/chondroitan, fish oil, flaxseed oil, B6, vitamins D and E on top of Vioxx and Prilosec. I gulped down a handful of tylenol tablets yesterday for the back pain but I didn't feel any relief. I excersize 2 hours most every day and walk 30 minutes at lunch time [on the way to Baskin Robbins] As you can see, I don't have much of a life besides work and trying to beat this damned osteo.

Good luck with how ever you treat it and keep us informed on how you are doing...Gramps

ave same problem, but both hips, found at age of 45. I have been dealing with this for just over a year, now, but I learned about it when I was bone-on-bone in left hip (alot of pain; much arthritis setting in) and then learned the right was 25% gone.
: I think the best thing is to stay in good physical condition, so your muscles can better support your weak joint/s, eat well, take glucosamine (can't hurt, may help), get plenty of rest, and just try to stay as healthy as possible.
: I think high-impact exercise is just going to wear the joint out faster, though more gentle exercise (swimming, biking) probably won't. Makes sense to me that the more stress you give directly to the joint (like in jogging, skiing, tennis, which I miss incredibly), the more it will wear down.
: I am now getting by with a cortisone shot to the hip. I tried meds for a year and only felt sick alot and lost 20 lb (did not need to do that). I will have hip replacement on the worse one soon.
: For you, you still have some cartilage and probably no bone damage yet. So, if you can reverse the cartilage breakdown, maybe the hip could heal? I think once you start damaging the bone, you can't fix that.
: Good luck to you. Kristie

: : I have been diagnosed with OA in my left hip. At 31, I can imagine better things, but the good news is that m
: : my xrays show only mild arhtritic change (plenty of cartilatge and joint space). My question - as the joint
: : is only showing mild change, does anyone have reccomendations about how to get the most bang from my
: : hip until, ultimately, it has to be replaced? I have been told that exercise (stretch& strengthen), along with
: : NOT running, may help me avoid surgery all together(OR, is that a pipe dream as well???). Gramps, you seem
: : to have the same issue as well.

: : Bottom line - you can't beat the arthritis, but maybe it's progress can be slowed.

: : Also, i sit on my butt all day (which seems to inflame it more than anything)

: : Any thoughts?

: : Thanks
: : Chris

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