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Posted by Gramps, edited on March 15, 2000 at 05:50:50:

In Reply to: Re: Hip Arthritis and stretching posted by Gramps on March 13, 2000 at 07:40:25:

: :

: Thanks Chris,

: I don't know why I haven't gotten into stretching more, [I've certainly been advised ] but I promise I will now. Part of my range of motion can not be blamed on my hip arthritis, maybe most of it, as I have never touched my toes. Two of my five children can and my wife is one of the most flexible persons I know.

: Thanks for taking the time to help....Gramps

: You were given bad advice. believe me, I'm not perfect, but weight machines are WORTHLESS for this
: : kind of problem. 4 walls and gravity are all you need (actually, forget the 4 walls). You need RANGE
: : of MOTION, which come from stretch and strengthening.

: : Stretching:

: : 1)butterfuly (adducter stretch)
: : 2) two kness over (rock side to side).
: : 3) Pretzle stretch
: : 4) Pirformis stretch (hard)
: : 5) knees to chest
: : 6) One knee to chest, one flat
: : 7) push ups (back)
: : 8) standing hamstring
: : 9) standing inner thigh stretch
: : 10) chair lunge (down on one knee like I am proposing - raise back leg,
: : slightly bent, and push forward)
: : 11) calf stretch
: : 12) standing piriformis stretch
: : 13) trunk rotation using broomstck behind neck, knees bent like a hockey player.

: : Then, i do exercise (5) that work on strength and range of motion.

: : Sounds like your pain is really bad - I think the biggest thing with Hip problems is that
: : pretty much you're condemmed to joint replacement unless you can reverse your symptoms.
: : Two books and a coach (web master, I have no vested interest except to help this guy out) that
: : are great:

: : "Heal your Hips" Amazon and "On being Hip" Amazon. You MUST make an effort to do these EVERYDAY
: : to see results. : :
: : If you commit to a program, progress will be slow, but just're like me..we have no
: : choicce to fight this. It pains me to think that you think doing squats will benefit you -at least
: : right now. If you can't even put your shoes on, you have to start doing the right things right away.

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