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Posted by Gramps on March 24, 2000 at 22:34:40:

In Reply to: Re:Green Barley report - Thanks Gramps... posted by Marci on March 24, 2000 at 12:15:14:

: : :

: : The report I got was that it is good stuff but "iffie" for arthritis pain. It is not an anti inflamatory, which Vioxx is, but has a lot of value to it. Here is the report on it from another forum.

: :
: : Gramps,
: : Here's what I can tell you. Green Barley has some
: : remarkable properties in it, and is actually quite
: : a substance. I have a belief it is worth using if
: : one desires, but, I'm not sure about making claims
: : about it curing or helping anything to a great extent. I'm not suggesting it won't, because it
: : has the potential to, but I don't think anyone can
: : say that with any good science to back it up yet.
: : It is something that with continual use, can help
: : your overall health and has a unique antioxidant
: : in it, so I like it myself.
: : Robert.

: : P.S. I sleep the best after hitting the snooze button, but can't sleep longer than 2 hours at the longest...Good luck,,, Gramps

: : : : : I saw your post was at 2:06 am.

: : : : I have had a terrible time trying to sleep, since taking all the stuff for arthritis. I read on another post that 74% of arthritis people suffer from insomnia frequently. I received a lot of suggestions and am in the middle of all of them now with some results. [not great but better]

: : : : Hang in there, we have to beat it....Gramps

: : :
: : : :
: : : : : : :I haven't heard of it or if I did, I forgot already. Let me check with a guy on another forum who I have a lot of faith in, and When he responds, I'll let you know his thoughts.

: : : : : : The little I know is that Vioxx takes the swelling down but is not a pain reliever, although in my case, much of the pain left with the swelling. I had your flu like symptems when I forgot to take the Vioxx. Are you taking the 12 1/2 or 25 mg dose?

: : : : : : I take 1500 to 3000 mg of glucosamine sulfate/chondroiten daily [depending on my memory], 2 flaxseed tablets, fish oil tablets, vitamins C,D,and E, and Tylenol, eat cold water fish, mostly salmon, and am trying [but cheating] to stay off dairy products, nightshade veggies, [need a substitute for tomatoes] alcohol, slipped up at lunch yesterday and caffine.

: : : : : : I excercise daily and am trying to make stretching and water excercising a bigger part of my regimen.

: : : : : : Needless to say, I have no life right now except work and fighting this damn arthritis.

: : : : : : I'm going right to the other forum and ask about Green Barley juice. Maybe I'll try it too....Gramps

: : : : : : Do you know if GREEN BARLEY JUICE helps with the pain of arthritis? I have read many glowing testamonials about the benefits of it, but don't want to waste MORE money on a "quack" remedy.
: : : : : : : I am currently taking VIOXX and want to stop because of all the side effects...elevated blood pressure, flu-like symptoms, swelling, etc.
: : : : : : : Any thoughts on this?

: : : : : Gramps, thank you for your kind post. I will be looking forward to what you find out.

: : : Yes, I do suffer from insomnia. I sleep okay in the late mornings but the nights are a different story. Today, I didn't take my Vioxx (25mg.) and I hurt so bad I can hardly get around. I don't know which is worse... the arthritis or the so-called pain relief. Did you ever find out about the Green Barley Juice?

: I do appreciate you checking on this for me. Although it doesn't look like the "miracle" we all are looking for, I will probably give it a try. I don't remember if I asked you or not, but is it better to take Vioxx in the am or pm?

Hi again Marci,

I take Vioxx in the morning, but have thought about taking it at bedtime to see if I slept better. I received two more suggestions related to the Barley juice and will pass them on to you. Remember, although I have a lot of respect for these other posters on these forums, none of them claim to be experts. You should probably check with your Doc before changing medications.

The best things that I know of, that could replace
Vioxx, would be green tea, and tart cherries. They act like Celebrex and Vioxx. I'm
not saying
they are as good or as strong, and honestly, I don't know anyone personally doing
this, but the
actions of the tea and cherries is exactly the same, so she could try that.

Hi Robert and Gramps. I live on Green tea. I drink about four cups in the morning,
and a few during the day. It is very refreshing and provides a gentle pick me up,
since I don't drink coffee.

However, in my case, it does not provide any anti inflammatory effect. I still very
much need Vioxx. Perhaps someone with very early and very mild arthritis would
notice an effect.

I also take a Greens supplement which has Barley juice in it. No anti-inflammatory
effect, but it does improve my energy and stamina.

Jan M.

Good luck Marci, I'm off to try to sleep...Gramps

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