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Posted by Gramps on March 27, 2000 at 20:47:28:

In Reply to: Glucosamine side effects? posted by Kristie on March 27, 2000 at 10:58:30:

: I read a few weeks ago something re: glucosamine increasing cholesterol levels when used over time. Does anyone know about this?
: I have been using just glucosamine (I have heard chrondroitin ?sp does not really get absored/used by the body) for over a year now, since I was diagnosed with degenerative hips disease and arthritis in both hips. I am holding off on hip replacement (I am 46 yr old) now with cortisone shots--I get to go in this morn to get my second one. The first lasted about 4 months, and since it wore off I have been continuing naproxen & glucosamine & vitamins with vicodin or darvocet for breakthrough pain.
: The next time I have an NSAID prescribed, I would like to try Vioxx--it sounds like alot of people are getting relief fromit. I tried Celebrex a few times, but had no luck with pain control or inflammation.
: My doctor thinks if I have cortisone shots in the worst hip joint 3 or 4 times a year I will get relief and postpone surgery. The cortisone shot was the only thing that nearly made me feel normal, although then I found other problems in my back/spine that are probably due to my limping to compensate for my poor hips. Do you think this will cause a lot of degeneration also? The bone's already degenerated, but what about tissue?
: Anyway, I am curious if anyone has comments re: glucosamine and cortisone shots. I have stayed on teh glucosamine and really don't know if it helps, but am afraid to go off to see. Also, I wonder if anyone has had experience with dosage. I see Gramps is doubling his dosage--does it really help?
: Take care and thanks for any responses, Kristie

I would like to see you get a lot of responses to the glucosamine questions. I'm pretty sure glucosamine works, [my Rhumy says we have to take the chondroiten with it.] I don't think anyone knows how much and in what combination but with all the new studies, we should know every thing about it when NIH finishes it's 4 year testing.

I think I was making a mistake by taking the whole dose in the morning but now that I spread it out to 3 times a day, I have forgotten doses several times.

I imagine you heard it before, but I really think the water workout followed by the land stretches, as recommended in the book "Healing your Hips" is a big help for pain and stiffness. {See Chris's post to me about 2 weeks ago] I don't believe in leaving any stone unturned in our fight to beat this. Good luck,,,Gramps

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