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Posted by Gramps on April 07, 2000 at 21:05:26:

In Reply to: Running with Arthritis - Gramps, the floor is yours... posted by Chris on April 07, 2000 at 13:26:23:

: You are going to get the stock answer, "It depends".

Even when I was younger, 52 or 53, my "running" was more like a shuffle, with not a lot of shock except for downhills. If you are a real runner, you would have to be much more careful.

My ortho, and my rhumy, both said I would probably know how much I could run if I would listen to my body signals, the same way you do when training through discomfort but stopping for real pain.

Feb. 1st, I started a training schedule for my 10th and probably last marathon, but it all came apart on me Mar 4th, during a walk with my wife after I had run 10 miles on the beach in Florida. My back started hurting above my bad hip and I thought it was from long strides trying to keep up with Granny Jean.

I couldn't run for 2 weeks, and the marathon was shot, but started back again even slower, 2 weeks ago.

This morning, I went to my favorite lake and ran 3/4 of a mile, walked 1 minute and did this 3 more times for a total of 3 miles in 38 minutes.

Today, was the best I've felt since before my disaster walk on the beach. Is it mental or physical? I don't know or care. Is it the 20 pills a day I take, maybe the glucosamine is really working like the ads promise, maybe the water and land exercises, the biking, the diet, my prayers, who knows. It got me out of my depression, at least for today. This evening I CARRIED 2 trash cans out to the curb. I had to drag one at a time back in January.

As for when I first had the pain, it was 2 years ago in the gym, when the gym trainer decided that Gramps needed to do lunges. Everyone said it was probably a groin pull, and I would rest it and ice it and it would get much better. I continued running marathons doing Traverse city Mi.,New York, Philly, Charlotte, Cape May, N.J., and the last one was Steamboat Springs, Co. June, '99. The last three were each slower then the one before, but I made excuses for each, hills, wind, and altitude.

I finally got my groin pull x-rayed in October, and was told by the ortho it was arthritis and I was probably heading for a replacement "down the road". I guess you can tell, I hope to be running on the road even if it's toward a replacement.

Is this a record for long posts? Good luck, Gramps

Just curious - what have your Ortho people said to you? Have thet reccommended "The Surgery"? Did the pain
: just start one day, or did you always sort of know your hip was bad? Was it like this before the marathons?

: Reason I say this is because I'm told that moderate running (2-3 miles, 2 -3 days per week) can be
: done without advancing the process, and I'm thinkiing about it.

: Thansk

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