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Posted by Rebecca on April 26, 2000 at 04:02:32:

In Reply to: Just Diagnosed With Arthritis posted by Melody on April 25, 2000 at 17:22:23:

: Hello, I was recently diagnosed with arthritis in my jaw joint and part of my left jaw has deteriorated.(?spelling). I also have arthritis in the vertebraes of my neck. Along with bone spurs on every vertebrae and in my jaw joints. All of this stemmed from a car accident that happened ten years ago and the Doctor said all of this resulted from never healing after the accident. They are doing physical therapy and put me on a arthritis medication. I also have a dislocated disc in my neck and two in my lower back. My question is does anyone have arthritis in these locations? I am very scared and concerned I am in a lot of pain now and I am only 25 that I am scared in ten years I won't even be able to move my head. If anyone has any suggestions I would truly appriciate it. Maybe I am over reacting but I just want to make sure to do things so that it doesn't get much worse than it already is. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Melody

Hi melody,
Im sorry about the problems your having with your neck, i know it can be really painful. Im 18 and iv had arthritis for 14years now. I have arthritis quiet badly in my neck, so i have some idea of what your going through. Unfortunatly my neck is now fused (discs in neck are joined and so cannot bend) so that i have very limited movement in the upper neck. When the doctors discovered my problem in my neck i had alot of physio therepy and i also wore a neck brace to keep it from getting fused in a bent position. There was nothing they could do in my case to stop the neck fusing but at least when it did fuse it was held in a staight position.
I don't think that your neck will fuse, the only thing i can really recomend is that you really work hard with the physio as it is the best option. However to help me with the pain i found that going to have a massage (gentle) on my neck and back about once a week greatly releived some of the tension in the muscles and joints.
Hope all goes well.

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