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Posted by Carol on June 03, 2000 at 01:28:33:

In Reply to: Has anyone had or know anyone who has had major hand surgery? posted by Kevin B. on June 02, 2000 at 21:01:27:

: I posted a message about this about 10 months ago, but had no responses. I fear I will need hand surgery in the near future. My fingers are angled over about 45 degrees at the metacarpals(where the fingers connect to the palm.) Pain has worsened and somtimes my fingers will twitch or even pull a little bit. I am a male in my 40's and have been hit hard by this RA. If anyone has had this type of surgery, what was actually done to your hand and what was the recovery like. I had a consultation with a hand surgeon last summer, and he said on one finger he would have to disconnect a tendon and reattach it to the other side of the finger to help hold it straight. All four fingers are angled over pretty bad, but the finger next to the pinky is the worst. Thanks for any response. Kevin B.

Kevin, I have the same problem as you and have been searching for an answer also but haven't had much luck. Did your dr. mention anything about the recovery time for hand surgery? My right hand is the worst and I have been afraid full recovery would be very long. Since I use my right hand at work, it's really a dilemma for me. What do you take for your pain? This past month my hand has really hurt me but I don't know of any medication for relief. I took Vioxx for several months but weaned off it after all the alarming things I heard about it. Plus it elevated my blood pressure and caused my hands to swell more.
If you hear of any help out there, please let me know.

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