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Posted by anne on June 06, 2000 at 10:46:41:

In Reply to: Re: OA in knees posted by PatB on May 31, 2000 at 16:48:52:

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: : : : I was diagnosed with OA in both my knees by an Orthopedic proffessor 7 years ago after having x-rays, CT and bone density test. Now after moving to this country a Rheumatologist i went to said i don`t have anything wrong in my knees (after doing x-ray) and he doesn`t know why i have pain. My knees are in pain- have been for 12 years now. Now that this doctor gave me a med (IC Etodolac) for the pain it`s much much better but still "attacks" from time to time and when it does- i can`t stand or walk (The pain is right in the middle of the knee).
: : : : If there`s nothing wrong- how come i suffer so much?!
: : : : Can they diagnose or -dismiss diagnosis only by doing x-rays?
: : : : Should I ask for other tests and if so which?
: : : : I have to find out what`s going on in there!

: : : Just what type of x-ray did he do? A regular x-ray won't show tendon involvement like an MRI would. Maybe the type of arthritis is the quesion instead of whether you have arthritis or not? I don't think OA would come and go. OA is from tearing down the joints and once the damage is there it stays there. That is my uninformed opinion about OA. There are over a hundred different types of arthritis. Sometimes what you eat can trigger pain. Stress can take away the bodies time spent fighting the arthritis so you feel more pain when your body has to spend time fighting stress. Have you read about Rheumatoid arthritis symptoms or even psoriactic arthritis? Ever had any skin conditions? Then look into PA. There is a blood factor for RA but you could have RA and test negative. Regardless if you are in pain you KNOW you are in pain.

: : : Yahoo has a doctor search where you can ask for Rheumatoloists starting the st from closest to where you live and listing the frther away. It also might tell if they take your insurance. Just an extra thought of something to look into.

: : Hi, I posted amessage regarding a 20 yr. old pain in my knees sometime earlier and noone responded. I have pretty much what you described a coming and going pain. When I was 20 I had the first attack in my right knee, initially it felt like water on the knee, a few days later it felt like a breaking pain in the knee joint which caused me to limp, I never saw a doctor. The pain left and came back at various times(when pregnant, after the pregnancies) to the point I could barely walk because I could not straighten my leg out. I am 40 now and it's gotten better but when I get on the treadmill for longer than 5 minuters the pain (not debilitating)starts up but gets better after about 5 minutes of walking on tread mill. My grandmother had terrible arthritis in her hands so I wonder if I do have arthritis. Any thoughts would be appreciated

: Can't give you an answer but can add my thoughts on the subject. I'm no doctor. The pain comes and goes? When you weighed more due to pregnancy it hurt, right? Some types of arthritis magically goes into remission when a woman is pregnant. Not all, like OA is the tearing down of the joints. You can look and look for symptoms of arthritis but think if all the times the knee hurt was from overdoing, strain out of the ordinary? It could be the first signs of arthritis to develop later in life. There are over 100 different types of arthritis and a Rheumatologist can diagnose people. Maybe you just have a weak spot in your knee. It doesn't bother you enough to go to an orthopedic doctor to have it examined? As long as you can comfortably live with it take care of your knee. When it impedes your lifestyle you need to rethink what you have to do about getting it looked at. Some times a knee will fill with fluid and can be drained by an orthopedic doc. No one wants that to happen on a regular basis but it can be done. When it really gets to bothering you enough to go to a doc he might find a little tear of a tendon or ligament but who knows?

: Take care of yourself and your knee. When you carry around your child you are adding weight to the knee. Is that when it acts up for you?

: Pat B

Thanks Pat for the info., no, it's not only when I am pregnant that the knee acts up, and both knees are effected from time to time. My last pregnancy I was the heaviest I have been and I had little knee problem, from time to time my fingers hurt, and my wrists also . I guess I should go to a doctor to see what it is so it doesn't get worse. Can internal medicine doc diagnose arthritis? thanks-anne

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