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Posted by Pauline on June 12, 2000 at 05:41:30:

In Reply to: Psoriatic arthritis - Advice please! posted by Babs May on June 11, 2000 at 13:30:39:

: Hello everyone! This is my first time posting a message! I am so thrilled! Anyway, I would really appreciate any insight or suggestions on a few subjects.
: 1. I have Psoriatic arthritis and FMS. I am concerned about all the meds. that I am currently taking. I take .9cc methrotrexate injections weekly, Arava 20mg a day, prozac 40mg a day, celebrex 400mg a day, folic acid 1mg a day, Trazadone 75mg at night & tylenol 3 as needed. I am 30 yrs. old and so scared of what all this medication is going to do to my body in the long run but I am also scared of what the arthritis will do to my body if i do not treat it aggressively. Any thoughts anyone?
: 2. I know that a sed rate of over 20 indicate inflammation in your body, but how high is really high. My Rhem. ( who I love) states that my psoriatic arthritis is a mod. to severe case but my Sed. rate at it's highest has only been 68. However,I also know that before going to my rhem. i could hardly walk. But, my question is, is the pain from my FMS or PA and how can you tell?
: 3. I have been feeling better since I have been on the methro. and Arava but can't seem to movtivate myself to exercise ( which I know how important it is to exercise) partly because of my fatigue and partly because it has been so long since I have exercised that I am so weak. Any suggestions?
: 4. Lastly, Has anyone lost a lot of weight and found their arthritis to be much better? If so, please tell me of your experience!! I need movtivation desperately!!!! I am 60 pounds overweight and counting! I need to do something but seem to have no control over what I eat!

: Thanks to everyone in advance for any suggestions and thanks for reading my long and rather boring post!

: Babs
: "The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on. It is never of any use to oneself." Oscar Wilde

Hey Babs,

I hav sufferred from this type of arthritis since I was 23, I am now 34 with a 3 year old son.

All I can tell you is of my own condition and experiancs.

I started off with a sore toe, it always starts this way, I was too scared to go to the doctor, so I suffered in silence. After about a year I went into remission and got my life back.

About 2 years later and 5 months before I was due to get married I woke up (it was the 1st December) with a sore toe. I went straight to the doctor and was put onto an anti-inflamitory
and an appointment was made for me to see the specialist. He put me onto sulphasalazine, anti-inflamatories and pain killers and at night a sedative. By mid-January I was in a wheelchair. The stress of the wedding etc. caused it to escalate rapidly. My husband had to dress me, before he went to work, he made dinner when he came home, and I slept. I was given lots of aids, as I couldnt use my hands very well, even tying shoelaces was impossible. I was given physiotherapy in water.

It slowely got better. I refused methatrexate because I wanted to have children and will not go on it untill I have another. People always say, You won't be having children then, now it's so you will only have one kid.

I find the drugs I'm on cause me to feel depressed and have mood swings (my Husband understands). I also have put on a lot of weight, this is hard as i used to run 5 miles a day, swim, ride horses etc. Dooctor has just told me I can start excercising again, yippeee.

Acidic foods eg tomatoes etc can effect the joints too.

I am in remission at the moment but not Pain free, my doctor mesures the ESR in the blood on a scale of 1 to 100. At the momemnt it is good at 10 but at the worst time it reached 96.

I hope this helps you and always remember that when the pain is bad it will get better.

Surround yourself with love and never refuse help whn offered.

Best Wishes

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