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Posted by Raylene on August 14, 2000 at 11:06:23:

In Reply to: Re: Bakers Cysts information on bakers cyst/treatment posted by diana on July 26, 2000 at 22:00:42:

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: : : : : : : : :I have swelling in my left leg. I had knee surgery last feb. and swelling and pain since. I have been in several er rooms and i have no luck but take asprin and go home. well i had a doppler done and they said
: i have bakers cyst. now a few days later they say a blood clot most likely because there is usually not this kind of swelling in the whole leg and this kind of pain. I mean terrible pain when i step on it or touch it even ever so lightly !
: they say i need to go have a dye test in my foot and the dye will travel up the viens and show where the clot is. is this normal pain or do you think i have a clot with the bakers cysts. do any of you have this kind of pain with a bakers
: cysts or just with a blood clot? wish i knew.... i am waiting until tomorrow to go to hospital for the tests! i was there yesterday and why did the hospital not go ahead with the dye tests and treat this while i was there? i could have died from this clot and they sent me home !!!!!!
: our doctors are not taking care of us anymore !!! the er doctor just knew this was a clot but the kid on the doppler told him it was a bakers cysts so he let me go home!!! why would he not finish with a dye test and find out. is the cysts so close to the same as a blood clot ?
: my surgery doctor lives 10 hours from me. he says its a clot..not bakers cysts....what do you think ? going to to hear your thoughts and experience...... i work 5--- 12 hr shifts and boy this hurts standing that long..

I just read your message and wondered how things turned out in your case. I like you have alot of swelling in my leg that has the Baker's Cyst and much pain. I have had frequent Doppler studies done, but they have never found a blood clot. I can't understand that a doctor would let you go home with a blood clot in your leg. That is so dangerous. I also had Synvisc injections in the same leg for Osteoarthritis and I think I have had a reaction to the Synvisc because I know that swelling is one of the side effects, but my doctor doesn't want to believe that this swelling is from that because he is the one who gave the injections to me. My right leg is about 3 inches larger than the left one. I have alot of pain in that leg, but I will not have anything done with that Cyst because if you read any of my other messages on here, I have had too many complications by doctors with these cysts and the cysts can keep recurring. Please let me know how your tests came out. Goodluck. Raylene

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