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Posted by SMJ on August 21, 2000 at 00:55:41:

In Reply to: Re: What is happening to me!? posted by Dave on July 09, 2000 at 14:40:30:

: Something severe is happening to me. For 46 years I was an extremely active outdoorsy person. I go to the wilds of Alaska every year and usually spend several weeks there. I own a small construction company and did all my own drafting and usually worked along side of my employees building whatever we contracted to build. About six months ago my hands and feet swelled up and the pain got so severe I couldn't walk or hold a pen and draw. After several visits to doctors they finally narrowed it down to rhumatiod arthritus. I am not so sure. Steroids,
: celebrex, and painkillers only provided temporary solution. Now it is back with a vengence! I can hardly hold a toothbrush. It is a painful experience to write a check. I can no longer expect to be able to have my company provide a future for my employees. They have been great but they have to be wondering what is happening to me. A year ago at 45 I could run circles around 25 year olds. Now at 46 I can hardly stand to make it out to my truck to visit a jobsite. My right hand is always numb and I can no longer close it. My neck is locking up. My knees are next because the swelling has gotten so I cannot wear jeans. I feel like my world is on the brink of disaster. My company will fold if I am not able to keep bidding jobs and I am at that point. How can this happen so quickly? Is this normal? My blood work is consistantly normal and I do not test positive for arthritus! I have had five blood works done in the past six months. I test healthy!! What is going on? Anybody ever hear of this happening before!?

Like yourself, at 46 I begin to experience severe pain in my knees and leg muscles after moderate to heavy exercise. This went on for a couple of years until I was diagnosed with osteoarthitis in both hips. The doctor said I would need to have both hips replaced within 5 to 6 years. From 48 to 52 I used a variety of anti-inflamatories to manage the pain, which progressively got worse until I developed stomach ulcers at which time my gastroenterologist informed me that I could no longer use any anti-inflamatories and offered tylenole as my only choice other than injections in my hips or surgery. Shortly there after a friend recommended I try MSM, which I began to take with some success. A few months later I started taking Glucosomine & Condroiton. Almost overnight I was able to walk without hobbelling, leg stiffness was minimized and the pain was manageable as long as I didn't do any excessive walking or stay on my feet for extended time. I am not sure how effective either of these over-counter-
medications would be for you, but I would highly recommend you try "Pain Free" Glucosomine & Condroiton - I tried other brands that were not as effective. This stuff turned my life around and in addition to the pain, the cloud of depression that goes along with the endless pain and discomfort disappeared. If you haven't already tried this medication, you should. By the way I had new xrays taken recently and the doctor is now saying I may be able to go another 5 years before I need the surgeries. Good Luck.

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