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Posted by Mona on August 22, 2000 at 12:59:18:

In Reply to: Re: VIOXX?? Thanks,Chad posted by Jim on February 13, 2000 at 08:52:38:

:I have osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. My experience with Vioxx is as follows: I have found that Vioxx seems to help osteoarthritis, but it does not help fibromyalgia. Celebrex helps fibromyalgia more. Since all these drugs are very expensive, and you didn't say anything about insurance, I would ask my doctor for free samples before having an Rx filled. My pharmacy is very good at just letting me buy a few pills instead of the full Rx. With chronic pain, nothing seems to work after taking it for several months. I find I have to take a drug break from one drug and try something else for awhile...then maybe go back to the previous drugs. Good Luck!! : :
: : : : Chad, thanks for answering. Is it better to take the Vioxx in the morning or evening? Today will be my 3rd day on it and I am still hurting BAD. I was thinking about going back to ibuprofen for some relief, but if you say it took you one week to get any relief, I will give it a few more days to work. Also, I was unaware that you could take Darvocet together with Vioxx. Did your doctor approve that combination? Maybe I should give that a try.

: : Jennifer - I like to take it in the AM, because I feel like it helps throught the day and I tend to get a little stiffer near the end of the day, but then I can go to bed. Yes my doctor did prescibe the darvocet and Vioxx together. Oxycontin is also a long lasting pain reliever. I was put on this because I was taking up to 8 tylenol 3 a day. My doctor said would last longer and I only need to take 2 a day. As for the Darvacet, I was prescribed these for "break through pain" as my doctor calls it. This is when I start to get sore during the day I can take up to 4 of these a day. I have a very severe case of RA so I'm not sure how bad yours is or how free flowing with meds your doctor is, but he might not feel the combination of Vioxx and Darvacet is right for you. I've had 2 knee and 2 hip replacements already.

: : One thing I really feel has helped me in last couple of months is taking a combination of Glucosamine, MSM and Vitamin C. I don't sell the stuff so I'm not trying to get you to buy anything, but I do feel better after taking it religously for over a month now.

: : Any other questions let me know I'll be gald to answer if I can. Take care

: I just wanted to thank all of you I just started to take VIOXX and needed to see what others were doing I think I will try Darvacet to because my Doctor says it takes a up to 5 days for VIOXX to help with the pain. Thanks Chad

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